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SPE announces agenda for Flexible Packaging Conference.

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Jul 23, 2014 - Scheduled for October 19–22, 2014 Flexible Packaging Conference will co-locate with Fall 2014 Web Coating and Handling Conference sponsored by the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters, and Laminators. Technical conference agenda will consist of 6 sessions: Extrusion and Converting Technology; Processes and Materials for Package Appearance and Performance; Our Dynamic Industry: Innovation at Work; Design for Sustainability; Science of Sealing; and Biomaterials and Package Design.

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SPE Announces Agenda for Flexible Packaging Conference, Which Will Be Co-Located with Aimcal Web Coating and Handling Event

Press release date: Jul 17, 2014

SPE FlexPackCon Portion Will Include Six Technical Sessions on Extrusion, Converting, Packaging, Sealing, Sustainability, and Innovation

NEWTOWN, CT, --The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) has announced the technical session agenda for the 2014 Flexible Packaging Conference (FlexPackCon), which will co-locate with the Fall 2014 Web Coating and Handling Conference sponsored by the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters, and Laminators (AIMCAL).

Scheduled for October 19-22, 2014 at Myrtle Beach, SC, U.S.A., the combined event will consist of four conference tracks: AIMCALfs Web Coating, Vacuum Web Coating, and Web Handling sessions, and SPEfs FlexPackCon. Also available will be optional short courses offered by both organizations, plus a two-day tabletop exhibition with about 75 exhibitors.

The technical conference agenda for the SPE FlexPackCon will consist of six sessions, two of which (on Wednesday morning October 22) will be concurrent:

-- Extrusion and Converting Technology. [Monday morning, Oct. 20. Equipment manufacturers from the packaging industry will review the latest innovations in extrusion, converting, and printing of flexible packaging.  Advances in coextrusion for blown film and flat die systems will be reinforced with presentations covering package development and new curable ink technology.

-- Processes and Materials for Package Appearance and Performance. [Monday afternoon, Oct. 20 Producers and consumers of flexible substrates seek new ways to modify the appearance and performance of packaging.  Presentations in this session will focus on technologies that deliver functional benefits.

-- Our Dynamic Industry: Innovation at Work. [Tuesday morning, Oct. 21 Stories of successful innovation will touch on advances in materials, manufacturing, converting technology, and business partnerships.  Industry leaders will share viewpoints on joint innovation, disruptive technologies, consumer trends, and how to respond to them.

-- Design for Sustainability. [Wednesday morning, Oct. 22 Academic and industry experts will share perspectives on incorporating sustainable concepts into packaging and business.  Audience members will receive engaging questions and have responses recorded via an automated polling system. This interactive session will close with a round-table discussion and audience questions.

-- Science of Sealing. [Wednesday morning, Oct. 22 While advances in materials and converting equipment open new possibilities for packaging formats, ultimate package performance is still highly dependent on the quality of seals. The science behind sealant materials, processes, and techniques will be reviewed by industry experts.  The session will close with the Best Paper Award winner from SPE ANTEC 2014.

-- Biomaterials and Package Design. [Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 22 Overview presentations on biomaterials will cover industry trends and an outlook on intellectual property.  The importance of package design and durability will be reviewed using industrial and simulation techniques.  The session will close with an update on barrier packaging from ASTM committee F02.

Information on FlexPackCon is at

In addition to the technical content organized by SPE, there will be 17 technical sessions in the AIMCAL portion, including packaging-related topics on vacuum metallizing of films, web coating, and web handling. The combined agenda is posted at

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