Space Pak and Mid-Way Supply Team Up With High Velocity Air Conditioning Focus

WESTFIELD, Mass., February 13, 2006 - SpacePak the originator and leading manufacturer of high-velocity air conditioning systems, has named Mid-Way Supply of Zion, Ill., as a distributor for the complete line of SpacePak air conditioners and heating units.

Mid-Way will stock SpacePak units at all seven of its distribution locations, Zion, Burr Ridge, Oak Forest, Mundelein, Rockford, Niles and Wood Dale, Ill, to serve HVAC contractors throughout the area.

"We are very excited to have the Mid-Way on the SpacePak sales team," said Brian Benard, marketing manager for SpacePak. "They have been a regionally recognized powerhouse in the industry since the early 1950s and will help us drive SpacePak sales throughout the region."

"We are thrilled and excited to be associated with a brand of the caliber of SpacePak, the originators of mini-duct air conditioning systems. This brand enables us to offer our customers even broader air conditioning choices," said Karl Sisson, vice-president of Marketing at Mid-Way.

SpacePak is a highly efficient, high-velocity central air conditioning system available in two-to-five ton configurations. The system is ideal for use in homes and buildings without heating ducts, such as older homes, townhouses and commercial buildings heated with hot water, steam or radiant heat. The SpacePak system distributes cooled air through a network of two-inch, insulated, flexible tubing that is installed inside the existing walls and ceilings. The visible "outlet" is a small, round, air outlet about the diameter of a CD-ROM that can be located on ceilings, walls or floors.

SpacePak is available throughout Illinois from J. K. Neuhauser Sales Company,
7309 W. Roosevelt Road, Forest Park, IL 60130. Phone: (708) 771-7800 or via email at

For additional information, please contact the local SpacePak sales representative or contact SpacePak directly at (413) 568-9571 or on the web at Mid-Way Supply is headquartered at 2502 Deborah Avenue in Zion, Ill. Phone (847) 872-5481 or (800) 942-9230, or visit Mid-Way on the web at or send email to

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