Sony DADC Announces Production Technology Initiative for Blu-ray Disc Dual Layer

HANAU, Germany, February 16 -- Sony DADC today announced that it will start an initiative for a production technology alliance for Blu-ray Disc dual layer. Detailed information will be presented at the European MEDIA-TECH Showcase & Conference 2007 in Barcelona, Spain, at the Congress Center of Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I.

The presentation will start at March 6, 2007, at 5.30 pm in Room "Sala F"
and will introduce the partners of the coming production technology alliance.
Sony DADC will also present its latest Blu-ray roadshow.

Due to the huge capacity of up to 50GB, the Blu-ray Disc dual layer format allows for more than just a movie to be stored in the absolute best high-definition quality. Taking content owners beyond anything ever experienced, the format also offers room for additional extras. There is no need to pack additional discs to store these bonus materials, thereby eliminating costs and simplifying the end user's entertainment experience.

Depending on the encoding method, there is room for more than five hours of the highest high-definition quality video.

About MEDIA-TECH Showcase & Conference 2007

The MEDIA-TECH Conference is the key annual conference for the packaged media manufacturing industry. The 2007 MEDIA-TECH Showcase & Conference will once again provide the latest updates on high definition home entertainment, prospects for 'next generation' optical discs and the market introduction of the future media generation. Located at one of Barcelona's best-known venues this 2-day event offers a unique opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the optical disc industry.

About Sony DADC

Sony DADC has extensive experience and knowledge in full service solutions for the content industry and stands for convenience, reliability and an outstanding quality level. Bringing together physical and digital solutions, Sony DADC supplies a full line of high-quality products and services to the entertainment business. Services include brand asset management, digital asset management, authoring, editing, copy control, graphic design, mastering, replication, packaging, distribution for optical storage media. Sony DADC has locations all around the world -- in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. For further questions, please contact the Sales Team at Sony DADC at +43-6246-880-555 or via email at [email protected] and visit us at

About MEDIA-TECH Association

The MEDIA-TECH Association is a body created in 2001 to serve every facet of the optical and removable storage media manufacturing industry, spanning the range from all current formats of optical discs and magnetic media to future formats such as HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

Member companies of the Association range from content owners and licensees through designers and software developers, to raw material and equipment manufacturers. They are involved in the entertainment industry; the games market; data storage innovations; plastics technology; injection moulding; quality assurance; printing, packing, wrapping and distribution; sales and marketing; and many other areas of expertise within the media manufacturing industry.

Represented in Europe, Asia and the Americas, the MEDIA-TECH Association aims at providing its members with a forum for information, discussion and exchange of ideas, as well as ways to develop business opportunities and strategic partnerships. Another premier goal is the assurance that the industry as a whole continues to grow and stay dynamic.

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