Software withdrawal from support: IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller V1.1 and V1.2 - Replacements available

Effective on the dates listed, IBM will withdraw support for the following programs licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement.

IBM TotalStorage® SAN Volume Controller V1.1: September 29, 2006
IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller V1.2: April 27, 2007
This announcement is for withdrawal of software support only.

The SAN Volume Controller V1 (5639-VC1) product and related Software Maintenance (5639-SS1 and 5639-SS3) order features have been previously withdrawn from marketing availability, effective August 26, 2005. Refer to Software Announcement 905-042 , dated February 15, 2005.

On or after those dates, you can no longer obtain these programs directly from IBM. You can obtain these programs on an as-available basis through IBM Remarketers.

Replacement product information: For replacement product information, refer to the Replacement information section.

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Replacement information

Replacement programs and part numbers have been announced.

IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller Storage Software V2.1 replaces V1.x. The current V2.1, 5639-VCT, prices both AAS features and Passport Advantage® part numbers on a per terabyte (TB) basis with cumulative tiers. It replaces both the tiered capacity pricing structure in V1 and the previous V2.1 per-terabyte pricing. Refer to the product announcement at the bottom of this section for further replacement product details.

The V1 product was not available in Passport Advantage, however Passport Advantage part number replacements under V2.1 may be elected, provided the entire SAN Volume Controller Storage Software account is migrated from AAS to Passport Advantage. To initiate an account migration to Passport Advantage, contact your IBM representative.

The announcement for SAN Volume Controller V2.1 (5639-VCT) listed below includes per-terabyte with cumulative tiers for both AAS features and Passport Advantage part number equivalents.

Note: In many cases, multiple quantities of the new per-terabyte with cumulative tiers features or part numbers are required to replace each former V1 tiered-capacity feature.

The V1 Synchronous Peer to Peer Remote Copy (PPRC) features are re-named to IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller Metro Mirror in V2.1.

The current V2.1 replacement product, 5639-VCT, also represents a site (versus single cluster) license for SAN Volume Controller. This means that at the time of an entitlement renewal or other account transaction, terabyte management capacity entitlements for all (multiple) SAN Volume Controller clusters at the site being upgraded to 5639-VCT should be combined site-wide, prior to choosing the appropriate V2.1 renewal or new features in the cumulative tier structure. This applies also for Passport Advantage part numbers under 5639-VCT site pricing.

For a single V1 cluster, use the maximum capacity entitlement from the range of the V1 feature that is being replaced (such as "up to 2 TB," "up to 4 TB," "up to 8 TB," and so on) for each Virtualization, FlashCopy®, or PPRC function in the V1 cluster.

For multiple V1 clusters, combine the maximum capacity entitlements for each function, before choosing the appropriate cumulative tier, feature, and quantity or Passport Advantage part number and quantity for the replacement/renewal site license. For mixed V1 and V2.1 clusters at the site, combine for each function the sum of the maximum entitled V1 capacities with the sum of the V2 entitled capacities for the same function, to arrive at a site capacity entitlement for that function. Then choose the appropriate cumulative tier and feature or Passport Advantage part number based on that total.

For actual replacement feature and part number designations in ordering context, examples of cumulative tier ordering, and applicable terms and conditions, refer to the announcement at the bottom of this section.

Note: As indicated in the table below, entitlement renewals under V2.1 in AAS are ordered from Software Maintenance PID 5639-SSA.

The following replacement programs are available via AAS:

program ID Replacement program ID

5639-VC1 5639-VCT Product program

5639-SS1 5639-SSA 1-Year Registration/Renewal
5639-SSB 1-Year After License

5639-SS3 5639-SSC 3-Year Registration
5639-SSD 3-Year Renewal
5639-SSE 3-Year After License
Contact your IBM Business Partner or IBM representative for assistance in determining current entitlements.

For additional information, refer to Software Announcement 205-177 , dated July 28, 2005.

Technical support: The question submission function under IBMLink(TM) Ask Questions - Support for SAN Volume Controller Storage Software V1.1 will be withdrawn on September 29, 2006, and for SAN Volume Controller Storage Software V1.2 will be withdrawn on April 27, 2007.

The IBMLink ServiceLink library of answered questions and other technical information for these programs remains available.

Refer to the Software Support Web site for product support information.
This announcement contains the end of support dates for these program products.

Business Partner information
If you are a Direct Reseller - System Reseller acquiring products from IBM, you may link directly to Business Partner information for this announcement. A PartnerWorld ID and password are required (use IBM ID).

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