Smudge-Proof Inline Tyre Coding

Smudge-proof inline tyre coding

For decades now the world's second-largest press manufacturer Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA) has been well known in the industry and among interested members of the public for its big newspaper and commercial web presses as well as for its fast Rapida sheetfed offset presses. Insiders also know that over 90% of banknotes worldwide are produced on KBA printing and finishing lines. But what most people do not know is that KBA systems also print on metal, CDs, DVDs, smart cards, cable, eggs and even tyres.

Over 30% of group sales are attributed to products and printing processes outside of KBA's traditional business in sheetfed and web offset presses. One of many lesser known applications is tyre marking with hot-stamping technology from KBA-Metronic.

Precision printing on rough surfaces

Technically speaking precise coding on the uneven surfaces of tyres is no easy task. Marking at every position on the tyre has to be guaranteed and be able to withstand considerable mechanical strain during storage and transportation. In order to meet the special demands of coding tyres, KBA-Metronic has developed the hot-stamping system hpdSYSTEM moto. Development focused on ensuring a high level of reliability necessary, as well as delivering reductions in monitoring and assembly process costs.

Coding with hot-stamping technology is characterised by its high colour brilliance, smudge-resistance and colour consistency. The markings on the tyres withstand even the most toughest weather conditions. The materials marked inline can be immediately sent to finishing thus saving time, unnecessary handling and storage costs. KBA's coding specialists deliver foil in the colours desired. Usually the marking consists of a solid colour dot with a diameter of up to 15mm (0.59in). Alternatively, other symbols such as a triangle or a ring can be used.

The system's robust construction makes them suitable for the harsh production conditions when producing tyres and they are designed for constant daily use. It is possible to integrate these systems into various tyre testing devices, even into the tightest of spaces, especially as KBA-Metronic offers the smallest hot-stamping unit, hpdSYSTEM nano, currently on the market.

Along with hot-stamping systems, KBA-Metronic also offers inkjet printers, which can be easily integrated into tyre checking systems. For example, the models alphaJET evo and alphaJET into can be used for applying alphanumeric codes and win over with their low maintenance and easy operation. Ethanol acetone-based pigmented inks ensure a very good level of adhesion and high contrasts.

Company profile: KBA-Metronic

Founded in 1972, KBA-Metronic in Veitshöchheim, near Würzburg, specialises in the development, design, manufacture and marketing of cutting-edge systems for industrial coding. Its product portfolio comprises inkjet, laser, hot-stamping and thermal transfer systems as well as separation units. KBA-Metronic coding solutions are used globally in many branches of the industry. Prominent cable manufacturers as well as companies in the food and pharmaceutical industry value the high-quality coding solutions delivered by this KBA subsidiary and its some 220 staff. The managing directors are Oliver Volland and German Stuis.

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