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SMI and Qualisys Connect Eye and Body Movements

BERLIN and TELTOW, Germany -

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) and Qualisys announce a plug and play integration of eye and motion tracking data which enables researchers to study embodied cognition, hand-eye coordination, disease, learning and performance

SensoMotoric Instruments and Qualisys announce a plug&play integration of data recorded with SMI Eye Tracking Glasses and Qualisys motion capture systems. The combined analysis of eye and body movements enables researchers to better understand and assess visual motor integration. It helps behavioral psychologists and biomechanics researchers to study embodied cognition and to characterize hand-eye coordination - how it is learned, how it is optimized but also how it is affected by disease, ageing or injury. Sports scientists can make complex estimations of athletes' kinetics and performance in indoor and outdoor situations. And clinical researcher can use the information to advance diagnosis and rehabilitation. In the Qualisys Tracking Manager software, the 6D gaze data from SMI's leading wearable eye tracking technology is automatically synchronized with Qualisys motion capture samples and other external data e.g. from force plates. Motion and eye tracking video overlays and statistical data are available with a mouse click, revealing the interplay of visual perception and human motion.

To view a video of the SMI/Qualisys integration, click here:

SMI Eye Tracking Glasses, SMI's leading wearable eye tracking technology, has gained the confidence of customers around the globe such as Stanford University, Max Planck Institute and the NASA, the French Institut National du Sport and the Occupational Skill Testing Authority of Guangdong in China and global players such as Google, Sony and Samsung. Instant setup and ease of use is paired with unmatched binocular eye tracking performance. SMI Eye Tracking Glasses can easily be equipped with snap-on optical tracking targets to stream 6D gaze data via the standard VRPN interface to a broad range of virtual reality and motion tracking applications.

Qualisys is a leading provider of motion capture technology and has a long history of supplying research, engineering and sports facilities with the tools and know-how of capturing and analysing movements. Qualisys offers a wide range of products and services, including its advanced motion capture platform, now with SMI eye tracking support.

Both SMI Eye Tracking Glasses and Qualisys motion capture systems are sunlight proven and can be employed in outdoor situations

Prof. Yvonne Delevoye-Turrell, Cognitive Psychology, Sports & Mental Health, at University of Lille, Research Unit on Cognitive and Affective Sciences: "As behavioral psychologists here in Lille our ultimate goal is to know more about the underlying reasons of human behavior. The integration of SMI and Qualisys technology allows us to measure the coordination of eye and body movements, to gain a better understanding of embodied cognition during normal but also abnormal interaction."

Dr. Daniel Lewkowicz, Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of Lille: "We used SMI Eye Tracking Glasses together with Qualysis Motion Tracking to examine how predictive gaze information is conveyed between two humans during real-time social interactions. It was one of the first attempts to combine both kinematics and portable eye-tracking devices in a true interactive face-to-face paradigm. Simultaneous recording of the kinematics of arm, hand and eye movements of two participants allowed us to study both joint action and joint attention in a truly interactive manner."

Magnus Berlander, CTO at Qualisys: "We decided to add eye tracking data to our motion capture software, Qualisys Track Manager, because it allows our customers to gain a better understanding of the interplay of visual information input, human motion, cognitive skills and learning. The available motion tracking interface of SMI Eye Tracking Glasses facilitated the integration and enabled us to come up with a plug&play solution easy to use even for non-technical users."

Dr. Arnd Rose, Product Manager, SensoMotoric Instruments: "Since its launch three years ago, our SMI Eye Tracking Glasses (ETG) have revolutionized insights into visual behaviour during truly mobile interaction. With the magnetic snap-on targets, our SMI Eye Tracking Glasses can easily be equipped for indoor and outdoor motion tracking studies. We are convinced that combined analysis of eye and body movements will add value to many fields which seek to understanding learning, advance clinical diagnosis and treatment and to improve performance. "

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International Congress of Sport Psychology, May 12-15, 2014, Nice, FR,

Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting, May 16-21, 2014, St. Pete Beach, USA,

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