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SKF® 'Telemag TFG' Lifting Columns Deliver Powerful, Fast and Quiet Force

Ideal for medical, industrial, and workplace applications:

SKF® TELEMAG TFG lifting columns offer compact, fast, and powerful solutions to deliver push or pull force for loads up to 2500N. Ideally suited for a wide range of medical, industrial, and workplace applications, their rigid aluminum profiles and precision glide pads enable the columns to lift off-center loads without deflection. Unique and efficient gear technology contributes to high push force capabilities and low noise levels.

TELEMAG TFG lifting columns incorporate an SKF DC linear actuator (24V, 120V, or 230V) to extend or retract three telescopic aluminum profiles. The columns run quietly and with minimal vibration at a maximum speed of 19mm/sec. Stroke lengths up to 400mm can be achieved and a low retracted height accommodates applications where space may be minimal.

Promoting safety these lifting columns are self-locking in push and pull; feature integrated end-limit switches for stroke; and include cut-off switches and a backup nut at the end positions. They are easy to mount and virtually maintenance-free.

The actuators comply with IP30 and are tested in accordance with EN/UL 60601-1. Complete systems of actuators and controls can be engineered and optional accessories enable customization to satisfy particular application demands.

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