Sirius Integrator Deploys EFOY Pro Fuel Cells on the Border and in Homeland Security Applications

DEVENS, Mass. – Sirius Integrator deploys direct methanol EFOY Pro Fuel Cells off-grid across North America to power mission-critical covert vehicles and outdoor surveillance configurations. No other remote power solution can provide the reliable, long running, maintenance-free power for these applications in easily deployed portable packages.  EFOY Pros are effective at recharging small battery systems by charging based on the battery's voltage level. EFOY Pros are deployed under fake rocks protecting our borders which greatly reduces dangerous site visits while using a power source with minimal heat signature that is not easily seen by the enemy on the border.

Next generation EFOY Pro 800 (45w) and EFOY Pro 2400 (110w) fuel cell models will soon be available. They provide 50% more guaranteed power than our current models and have a 1 year or 4500 operational charging hour warranty. These optionally can be configured with a new quad fuel cartridge switch that will double run-times in the field. Additionally 112 liters of pure methanol can be connected to an EFOY Pro fuel cell system (four 28 liter fuel cartridges). When possible we hybrid solar panels and micro wind turbines into our configurations as range extenders to save fuel.

Sirius Integrator manufactures customized and approved EFOY Pro enclosures, for both hot southern and very cold northern border installations. Our -45°C very cold enclosures enable the EFOY Pro to operate on the Northern US border and in Canada where remote power is a significant challenge. 

Surveillance cameras, ground sensors, detection systems, radio repeaters, radar and communication equipment all need long running, off-grid, outdoor power. Our solutions minimize dangerous remote site visits and  increases security levels in remote locations. No more frequent swapping of large, lead acid battery banks in the field.  EFOY Pros recharge 12v 24v battery systems, are quiet, emissions-free and perfectly suited to reliably power these mission-critical physical security configurations. Sirius Integrator even provides a secure "EFOY Pro Remote Management Portal" subscription program for all of your field deployed fuel cell units.

Please visit our website at for information on these new EFOY Pro models. Call us for assistance and lowest price EFOY Pro solution quotations at 855-747-4874 (855-SIRIUSI).


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