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Siperian Accelerates Adoption of Customer-Centric Master Data Management with Different Architectural Styles

Three Master Data Management Architectural Styles Enable Organizations to Select an Approach That Best Fits Their Current Needs While Providing for Future Growth

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 11 / -- In its ongoing commitment to deliver the most scalable and adaptable customer-centric master data management (MDM) solution, Siperian today announced a complete, and proven set of architectural styles that allow organizations to deploy their MDM solution in a manner that best fits their unique business requirements. The three styles -- Master Identity, Customer-centric Master Data Management, and Customer-centric Operational Views -- enable companies to significantly reduce both the time and cost typically associated with implementing a master data management solution.

Siperian's architectural flexibility enables companies to start small within a business unit leveraging the Master Identity solution in order to deliver rapid return on investment, and then extend the solution over time across the enterprise to become the authoritative master data management platform. Lastly, the platform can evolve further to the Customer-centric Operational Views style which supports unified customer views containing complete operational context -- all without locking the company into a single vendor's proprietary architecture. In addition, Siperian's configurable, metadata-driven platform allows organizations to rapidly adapt Siperian's award-winning Siperian Hub(TM) to coexist with multiple legacy hubs and external data sources, and then to evolve the solution over time with additional capabilities or to new geographies and business units as needed.

"Master data management is increasingly a top business priority as more Global 5000 companies embark on an MDM strategy to cope with increasing information volatility," said Aaron Zornes, founder and chief research officer for the CDI Institute. "While some organizations may only require a 'lite' approach such as a 'Registry' style, others fully demand a complete master data management solution that reconciles master data for accurate unified views -- such as unified customer data integration. Clearly, organizations should look at their current requirements as well as identify future growth requirements before settling on a specific style and vendor."

Siperian offers the following architectural styles:

Master Identity Architectural Style

With the Master Identity solution, companies can accurately identify key entities such as customers, people and households across different systems and deliver real-time views of the dispersed data to downstream systems. Using Siperian Hub in a registry style, this approach is designed for companies that are looking to quickly address entity recognition and resolution issues, and may not have an immediate need for a full master data management solution. With fast performance, low product "footprint" and its unique ability to manage multiple global identifiers, the Master Identity style can deliver fast return on investment as it can be deployed in a matter of weeks, not months, while preserving the option to evolve into a complete master data hub over time. Some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies and financial service institutions are already using Siperian Hub in this architectural style for improved cross-sell and regulatory compliance.

Customer-centric Master Data Management (Customer Data Integration/Master Data Management) Architectural Style

Using Siperian Hub as a system of record, this architectural style creates and manages the "best version of truth" of customer-related master reference and relationship data (i.e. customer, organizations, location, product, etc.) across disparate internal systems and third party sources like Acxiom and Dun & Bradstreet. With this style, companies can reliably reconcile their master data conflicts against the most trustworthy golden record and synchronize the master data changes back to operational applications or with analytical systems. Since this style maintains full history and lineage of the master data for data stewarding, compliance and audit purposes, it is ideally suited for companies looking to improve critical business processes such as operational customer relationship management (CRM), order-to-cash or to better comply with numerous regulatory mandates.

Customer-centric Operational Views Architectural Style

Using Siperian Hub as an operational platform, the Customer-centric Operational Views architectural style federates up-to-date customer transaction data in real time from multiple channels, and unifies it with the most reliable master reference and relationship data within the hub. This style delivers the most timely, unified views of customer and related organizations, products and locations to supporting applications in full operational context within existing business processes. This solution is ideal for companies who are looking to serve the high-volume transactional needs of a division, usually replacing an existing legacy hub and serving as an information technology platform for composing data views through a layer of business or data services.

"Siperian recognizes that customer data management and integration should never be offered as a one-size-fits-all solution," said Peter Caswell, president and CEO of Siperian. "By offering a clear migration path our customers are able to take advantage of our award-winning master data management solution without having to standardize on a single vendor's platform, or abandon their early divisional MDM efforts because it is unable to scale and meet their ongoing enterprise-wide requirements."

About Siperian Inc.

Siperian Inc. offers an award-winning, adaptive platform for customer- centric data integration & management. With Siperian's metadata driven configurable architecture, organizations can rapidly adapt the award-winning Siperian Hub(TM) to a specific solution style; ensure that the solution coexists with multiple legacy hubs and external data sources; and then evolve the solution over time with additional capabilities or to new geographies and business units. Siperian is the only vendor to offer a set of proven solutions that can start small within a business unit to deliver rapid return on investment and then grow over time across the enterprise to become the master data management platform with data services for complete operational context with unified customer views -- without locking the company into a single vendor's proprietary architecture. As a result, Siperian helps companies improve operational customer relationship management and analytical processes, as well as other business processes such as regulatory compliance, order-to-cash and new product launches -- all at significantly lower total cost of ownership, faster time-to-value and demonstrably higher return on investment as compared to other alternatives. For further information, visit us on the Web at or call 1-866-SIPERIAN (1-866-747-3742).

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