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SigmaNEST Reporting, Pearson's Law & You: Learn More 9/7/18 @ 1P EDT

Cincinnati, OH: Pearson's Law: "That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially." (- Karl Pearson)

SigmaNEST was created to drive increased profitability for professional fabricators. Its native data measurement and reporting features underscore this critical objective. Customized measurement and reporting tools help drive SigmaNEST users' performance and improved profitability. Fabricators can leverage these to become more competitive. Reports can display nest previews and part IDs, allowing users and customers to view the nest layout and each individual part that was used. Users can report data on cutting times, cost estimates, pierce times, pierce counts, and number of parts used. Reports can also show the status of each work order, allowing users to keep track of work order data within each nest or part.

To learn more about SigmaNEST Reports, join us for a webinar on Basic Report Editing on Friday, September 7, 2018 at 1pm EDT. A SigmaNEST engineer will cover getting started with customizable reports, how to add and edit report field information, adding barcodes and part pictures, adjusting Nest ID’s, and adding color to reports. Register here:

About SigmaTEK

Founded in 1993, SigmaTEK Systems, LLC is headquartered in advanced manufacturing hub Cincinnati, OH (USA). With offices in fifteen countries and a team of 300 strong, customers include GE Aviation, OTIS Elevator, NASA, Disney and more. Their flagship product, SigmaNEST, is the world’s leading nesting software system. It is designed for professional fabricators to optimize their production operations. SigmaTEK’s entire brand family ensures fabricators of superior material utilization, machine motion optimization, and maximum part quality balanced with cutting speed, work flow integration, material handling, accurate estimates and information management. For more information visit or call 513-674-0005.

Suzanne Warden
SigmaTEK Systems, LLC

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