Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. Establishes Regional Operations in Thailand

With conditions in Bangkok reaching crisis levels, better tools for pollution abatement will now be within reach 

 environmental pollution abatement and energy solutions firm, today announced that it has expanded its manufacturing operations in Bangkok, Thailand. The new Ship & Shore Thailand effort offers the same solution planning and fulfillment capabilities as its U.S. and Chinese counterpart locations. The S&SE move into Thailand arose from both customer demand as well as an urgent need in the region for immediate improvement in pollution conditions,  a situation that S&SE finds pervasive throughout developed Southeast Asia.

Critical: Closing Up, Moving Out

According to the World Health Organization, 4.2 million people die annually due to outdoor air pollution exposure. The air quality index (AQI) offers a convenient way to gauge air quality and smog levels at a glance, with a score of 0 being perfectly clear, 101 to 150 affecting sensitive groups, and 151 or more being unhealthy for everyone. Nearly one-quarter of Thailand's days last year were at least "unhealthy for sensitive groups," with smog-laden centers like Bangkok faring much worse.

The impact of pollution on Thailand is mounting. Bangkok has endured hundreds of school closures as air turned toxic. The government flew transport planes to promote cloud seeding and ground spraying (to settle dust). Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha recently noted that the country might follow the thinking of Indonesia and other countries by moving the capitol out of Bangkok to help relieve congestion and pollution. As awareness of Thailand's environmental conditions spread, the impact on tourism could be severe, with a report by Kasikorn Research indicating a potential loss of 1% to 2% of foreign tourists per month, with a lost opportunity cost of up to US$109m.

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