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Sharn Enterprises, Inc. - Frankfort, IL

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Sharn Enterprises, Inc Looks Towards Exporting

Press release date: Jul 26, 2014

Sharn Enterprises, Inc is “bucking the trend” when it comes to expanding their market share. Sharn is a local manufacturer of product displays and also the fabrication of wood, metal, and acrylic parts for other companies. Sharn has been in business since 1974. With their 40 year anniversary coming up, Sharn has decided to change things up a bit. By attending the Luggage, Leather Goods and Accessory Show in Canada this past April, and with the help of Governor’s State University and the Illinois Office of Trade and Investment, Sharn has recently made several new contacts and likely new customers in Canada. Sharn’s goal is to become a significant manufacturing exporter to Canada.

By keeping manufacturing in the United States, it leads to the boosting of our own American economy. In an interview, Roger Wandersee, the company President said, “The negative trade deficit between the United States and a country like China is a disturbing trend that we are trying to improve on. In fact, those who order from overseas often have trouble with quality, timing, and can usually only order large quantities.”

By manufacturing in Frankfort, Illinois rather than in foreign markets, a client can order only what they need and they are assured of American quality and service. While Sharn’s competitors are more focused on importing, Sharn is developing new customers and gaining new exposure in other countries like Canada, which leads to more sales, and increased employment right here in Frankfort, Illinois.