Severn Glocon Selects Metso Positioners for NGL Valve Project

Control valve specialist Severn Glocon is using Metso's intelligent positioners to help meet demanding anti-surge valve requirements for an NGL project.

The two firms worked collaboratively to overcome technical challenges, such as ensuring the valves opened in less than one second following receipt of signal. Customization of Metso's Neles ND9000® positioners enhanced reliability and repeatability of performance, enabling valves to meet rigorous in-factory testing and calibration requirements.

Escalating operational demands in the NGL sector are driving more sophisticated approaches to valve calibration. Accessories such as smart positioners need to be fine-tuned for optimum performance. This requires dedicated expertise and intelligent engineering.

The anti-surge application is crucial for successful and safe compressor operation. A surge can occur when process flow momentarily reverses due to pressure instability. This can damage equipment, potentially creating a hazardous situation and resulting in costly plant downtime. To avoid this, a highly-engineered anti-surge control valve is installed between the discharge of the compressor and the inlet. When a potential surge is detected, the valve opens quickly to transfer pressure.

"Our positioners include a so-called hunting detection feature that identifies the valve assembly's movements and stabilizes it from major movements in the process. This feature came on too strongly at first, so we changed the firmware that set it off. In the frequency response test, the valve assembly needed to react strongly and quickly to changes in the process, and our positioner performed well," says Niklas Lindfors, Manager, Valve Control product center.

Severn Glocon is part of the Severn Glocon Group, which employs 800 people worldwide and won a Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade in 2011. Further information is available via

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