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According to OSHA [29 CFR 1926.102(a)(5)]; workers involved in welding, cutting, and brazing operations must use appropriate welding protection depending on specific welding operations. It's important to wear the proper PPE at all times to protect from various hazards including burns from sparks, radiation (infrared, ultraviolet, and blue light) and the inhalation of fumes and gases.

Seton, the leading provider of safety, labeling and signage solutions, announces the expansion of its Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) line to include protective clothing for welders.

Seton's new expanded line of protective clothing for welders includes flame-resistant aprons, shirts and pants; helmets and caps; welding blankets and curtains; as well as leather welder's gloves that provide the heat resistance needed for welding. Seton offers a complete line of personal protective equipment to protect and safeguard all of your workers.

For more information on all our PPE products, or any of Seton's other safety, labeling and signage solutions, please visit Seton on the web at

About Seton:

Since 1956, Seton, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brady Corporation, has been the Source for Safety, Labeling and Signage Solutions. Seton offers more than 60,000 products - via catalog and online - which are designed to increase workplace safety and enhance facility marking applications for their millions of customers around the globe. Seton's mission is to provide top-quality products and services that are Guaranteed Fast & Flawless...Every Time! For more information on Seton, visit their website at or call 800-442-5317.


Personal Protective Equipment:


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