Servoy and Sybase iAnywhere Speed Development of Database-Powered Applications on Linux

SYNOPSIS: Partners see continuing adoption of their joint solutions on Linux, enabling customers including: Automazione Aziendale; Excelisys; Shouri Communications; The Support Group, Inc.; and XpertMind to make better use of their data, improve their business processes and easily access up-to-date information.

BOSTON, April 5 / / -- LINUX WORLD 2006 -- Servoy and iAnywhere, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. (NYSE:SY), today announced continuing momentum for the adoption of the Servoy® Developer Solution to power innovative Linux-based applications used by organizations all over the globe including: Automazione Aziendale; Excelisys; Shouri Communications; The Support Group, Inc.; and XpertMind. The Servoy Developer Solution is a rapid application development suite powered by SQL Anywhere®, the market-leading database from iAnywhere®, which enables developers to create and deploy data-driven applications faster and more effectively.

"We're seeing continued demand for Linux-based solutions, as many of our developers are endorsing Linux as one of their key development and deployment platforms," said Michael Paola, director of product management at iAnywhere. "iAnywhere and Servoy have been long-time supporters of the Linux platform. In the late 1990's, SQL Anywhere was one of the first relational databases with commercial support available for Linux, and Servoy created its Developer Solution to be compatible with Linux right from the start."

"Using Linux as a server platform to run SQL Anywhere and the Servoy Application Server makes a lot of sense. Not only is it less expensive in terms of server licenses but in our experience it is also more stable and reliable," said Jan Aleman, CEO, Servoy. "We also see more and more of our developers switching to Linux. In the past, server applications used to be difficult to manage but both SQL Anywhere and Servoy provide the same easy-to- use GUI as on other platforms to make it straightforward to manage Linux deployments and development environments."

Automazione Aziendale

Italian-based Automazione Aziendale develops programs and applications to help organizations manage and optimize business activities. With extensive experience in optimizing both front and back office applications Automazione Aziendale can help both medium to large organizations to deploy software applications at lower cost.

"Automazione Aziendale developed an application for the Forest division of the Italian local government. At the moment the application is used by more than 60 different offices," said Enrico Arata, Automazione Aziendale. "The application is hosted on a centralized Linux server and runs on SQL Anywhere database. Thanks to Servoy's zero-effort deployment capabilities we didn't have to install any software in those 60 offices-we simply run Servoy's Smart Client over the Internet."

Excelisys, Inc.

Excelisys is an international database development and consulting firm providing services for use on the Web, office networks (LAN or WAN) or PDA.

"One of the many reasons we started using the Servoy and SQL Anywhere combination is the simple fact that the solution will run on Linux as well as Windows and OS X," said Christopher Lowe, CEO, Excelisys, Inc. "We are seeing more and more demand in the market for Linux, in particular on the application server side and we're glad that we can now support this without any additional effort. Having Linux as another alternative to OSX and Windows will open new doors for us as a database solutions provider."

Shouri Communications

Shouri Communications offers software development and application hosting services in the UK and other countries. The company has extensive experience delivering mission critical solutions on time and on budget.

Shouri Communications offers its customers Servoy and SQL Anywhere applications as well as hosting on Linux. "We offer Virtual Private Servers to our customers with a software stack of these three products," said Lee McNeil, CEO, Shouri Communications. "This has proven to be exceptionally reliable with a small footprint. Our customers and administrative team have been full of praise for their ease-of-use and scalability."

The Support Group, Inc.

Founded in 1985, The Support Group, Inc. leads the field in database design, development and training for Linux, Windows and Macintosh environments. Based in Boston with offices in New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco, The Support Group provides its services throughout the U.S. and Canada to clients in business/industry, education and government.

"As a key development partner for Servoy in the USA, The Support Group is a big advocate of both SQL Anywhere and Servoy for Linux," said Rich Coulombre, President and Founder, The Support Group, Inc. "We're seeing a strong movement towards the Linux platform. Migrating from Windows to Linux is amazingly straightforward with SQL Anywhere and Servoy, making it a huge plus for our clients. And it's not just the server, but we find that the client products run seamlessly on Linux as well."


XpertMind is a German-based consulting company specializing in customized, leading-edge and easy-to-extend database driven solutions and applications.

"Our company primarily uses Linux -- not only as the server platform, but as our key development operating system," said Bruno Simic, CEO, XpertMind. "Because both SQL Anywhere and Servoy run natively on Linux, we were able to migrate our entire development environment from Windows to Linux very quickly and seamlessly in a very short time. Recently, we have also migrated our key international clients to Linux as well -- to take advantage of its higher stability, security and continuity."

About SQL Anywhere

SQL Anywhere is a comprehensive package that provides data management and enterprise data synchronization, enabling the rapid development and deployment of database-powered applications. SQL Anywhere extends information in corporate applications and enterprise systems to anywhere business takes place. With more than 10 million deployed seats and 20,000 developers, SQL Anywhere powers embedded database applications in server, desktop, mobile and remote office environments.

Visit for more information.

About Servoy

Servoy is a powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI) that enables software developers and organizations to drastically lower the development time of their software. Servoy is a user friendly Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Java. Servoy also has a deployment server to deploy and manage applications without the need for additional software such as Citrix. With Servoy, applications can be deployed to a smart client, a runtime client, an offline client and/or a web-client, all using the same code base. Servoy enables companies to develop Rich Internet Applications (RAI) at significantly lower costs and in less time than any other environment. Visit for more information.

About iAnywhere

iAnywhere enables success at the front lines of business. The company holds worldwide market leadership positions in mobile and embedded databases, mobile management and security, mobile middleware and synchronization, and Bluetooth(R) and infrared protocol technologies. Tens of millions of mobile devices, millions of subscribers, and 20,000 customers and partners rely on the company's "Always Available" technologies, including SQL Anywhere, Afaria, OneBridge, and the AvantGo mobile Internet service. iAnywhere is a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. (NYSE:SY). Visit for more information.

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