Selco Products Announces IPC Certification Achievement

Reno, NV –  In its continuing commitment to ISO quality, Selco Products has announced completion of two IPC certifications.  IPC (formerly known as the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits) is dedicated to furthering competitive excellence in the electronics industry and certification has become recognized as a statement of quality assurance.

IPC Certified Trainer, Wendy Wilkey, Selco Products Quality Manager, spearheaded the training and certification process for over 30 Selco employees.  “Achieving IPC Certification is another layer of quality we can provide our customers,” says Wilkey.  “It demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement and gives our customers further confidence in our ability to produce the superior products they have come to expect.”

Selco employees have been certified to IPC-A-610 and IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards. 


IPC-A-610 is the most widely used inspection standard in the electronic industry.  It has earned an international reputation as the source for end-product acceptance criteria for consumer and high reliability assemblies. The second certification, IPC/WHMA-A-620, covers standards on acceptability criteria for crimped, mechanically secured and soldered interconnections, and the corresponding lacing/restraining criteria associated with cable and harness assemblies.

“Most companies have IPC certified employees in their quality departments,” explains Wilkey.  “Selco went beyond that and had employees in both manufacturing and quality trained and certified in order to assure the best possible product throughout the manufacturing process.”

Selco’s manufacturing department produces ready-to-install mechanical thermostats, thermistors, and electronic controls with the exact configuration that is required by a customer’s application. 

Special configurations include epoxy seal and over-mold, mylar sleeving, lead bending, connectors, brackets, wire and cable assembly, probe housings, customer termination labeling/markings, and special packaging.  To accomplish these special configurations, Selco’s manufacturing capabilities encompass ultrasonic welding equipment, fully automated cutting, stripping and crimping machines, convection reflow ovens, wave soldering, and PCB assembly and rework stations.

“Wendy has done an excellent job of getting Selco employees IPC trained and certified,” says Peter Ranalli, Selco Products Senior Vice President.  “Her extensive experience in inspection, testing and IPC certified training capabilities have been a real asset to Selco’s manufacturing area. Obtaining IPC Certification positions Selco as a supplier of choice for many customers seeking customized temperature control assemblies.  Our quality certified employees add yet another level of high quality to our manufacturing process.”

About Selco Products

Founded in 1958, Selco Products is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of temperature control products including NTC thermistors, disc thermostats, electric thermostats, bulb and capillary thermostats, PCB  and probe thermostats, thermal protectors, thermal cut-offs, and electronic temperature controls. Selco also offers custom manufactured assemblies such as thermistor probe assemblies, thermocouple assemblies, custom brackets, epoxy over molding, and specialty connectors.  Selco Products, 8780 Technology Way, Reno, NV  89521-5908;   Tel: (775) 674-5100, Toll-Free: (800) 257-3526; E-mail:; Web:

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