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Secondwind Water Treatment Extends Life of Equipment at Oral Surgery Center

High Quality Water Treatment Extends Life of Equipment

Like any surgical center, Chelmsford Oral Surgery relies on sterile, clean equipment to provide their top-level care to their patients.  This equipment is a significant investment, and must be processed and sterilized through an FDA approved sterile washer. Dr. Thomas Trowbridge called Secondwind Water Systems in to evaluate the current system they had in place, which was causing corrosion and pitting problems with this expensive surgical equipment.  The city water that the oral surgical center uses is high in chlorides from road salting which impacts the local aquifer. This is, in large part, what was causing the corrosion and pitting.

Before bringing in Secondwind Water Systems, the practice tried to remedy the problem with one solution, but it didn’t include pre-treatment, and the corrosion did not abate (in fact it got worse). The system they installed couldn’t keep up with the water pressure that was needed, nor was it able to keep up with the volume of water required each day to sterilize and clean the equipment. The system wasn’t a bad one, it just wasn’t up to the task of this commercial application.

Greg Sereni, Secondwind’s Commercial Water Specialist, came in and worked closely with the manufacturer of the washer to obtain specifications on the necessary water quality and design a system to produce water that falls within those specifications. The new, Secondwind Water System produces enough pressure and volume to keep up with demand even on their busiest days. With no maintenance required by on-site staff for the treatment system, the doctors can now get back to worrying about their patients, and not their instruments failing.

Melissa Leroux

Secondwind Water Systems, Inc.

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