SEALPAC Wins Prestigious Packaging Award in France for Its TenderPac Solution

SEALPAC, leading supplier of modern tray-sealing and thermoforming technology, is pleased to have won a packaging award in France for its innovative TenderPac system. At the award ceremony in Paris on November 26th, hosted by the French Emballages Magazine, TenderPac was awarded in the category ‘Production’.

Added value packaging

TenderPac, a patented two-compartment vacuum packaging system, cleanly separates the meat product from the common drip-loss that occurs during transport and storage, hence significantly extending its shelf life. A vacuum reservoir, the unique ActiveStick, collects this drip-loss and provides dry and attractive packaging of the fresh red meat. The consumer receives a drip-free and appetizing product that convinces due to its tender texture and full meat flavour, even after prolonged storage.

The innovative TenderPac system is available both as flexible film application on thermoformers, and (now completely new) as TraySkin® application on traysealers. In Germany, the system has already been in use since 2012. One of the major German discounters successfully applies the TenderPac solution to its South American beef.

Twice in a row

The jury of the renowned French competition especially appreciated the shelf life extension with TenderPac. As a member of the SAVE FOOD initiative, SEALPAC has committed itself to developing packaging solutions that reduce food losses around the globe. This was one of the reasons for developing the new TenderPac system, which can achieve an even better shelf life than today’s MAP and vacuum packaging systems.

Furthermore, the jury highly valued TenderPac for its retail presentation, its innovative way of removing the drip-loss, and the ability to apply the system on existing packaging equipment. SEALPAC sees the award as a valuable confirmation of its continuous research and development work. Marcel Veenstra, Marketing Communications Manager at Sealpac International: "We are extremely proud to have won this packaging award for the second time in a row. After receiving the award for our EasyLid® system in 2012, we are delighted that our commitment to continuously develop new and innovative packaging solutions was acknowledged this year with the TenderPac victory.“

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