Schreder Lighting Hosts Zhaga Consortium

Liège, Belgium --- Working closely to standardize and share information on LED luminaires with international manufacturers, Schréder Group G.I.E. hosted the 8th Zhaga Meeting at the SKILL, its new training center in Liège, Belgium, from February 14th through the 16th. More than 90 Zhaga representatives from 50 different companies, from all over the world, attended Schréder's facility and created a successful industry event.

Zhaga is a global cooperation of manufacturers that supplies luminaires, lamps, LED modules and controls, as well as interchangeable LED light sources ("LED light engines"). Zhaga is standardizing the interfaces while offering light engine manufacturers the freedom for design and the performance optimization. Standardization will reduce costs and increase the flexibility for maintenance and supply sources. Schréder specifiers (and distributors) will be offered the opportunity to upgrade luminaire performance, with access to the most advanced LED Generation modules and technologies.

Steffen Holtz, the Schréder representative in Zhaga, explains, "As a member of the Zhaga steering committee, Schréder supports the process by sharing expertise and providing our facilities for meetings. We also chair the working group for street lighting to moderate discussions between component manufacturers and luminaire manufacturers."

Schréder Lighting US, located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, is a respected member of the Schréder Group G.I.E. Schréder Group G.I.E. was founded in Belgium in 1907, and has become an international organization with over 2,600 employees, in more than 40 facilities, in 30 countries and on 5 continents. Schréder Group G.I.E specializes in upscale, architectural and high performing outdoor lighting that is at the forefront of technological and aesthetic innovation. The members and affiliated companies of the Schréder Group share facilities and powerful, state-of-the-art tools for R&D, manufacturing, high-level photometric studies, and laboratory testing. Findings are shared within the group for the purpose of providing best options for the "The Right Light" worldwide.

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