Schenke Tool Adds New CNC Machining Capabilities

Schenke Tool Company, located in Paradise, PA, has increased its CNC Capacity by installing the Haas ST-20SSY including CNC Turning and Milling operations in one machine. The Haas Y-axis lathes provide the ability to turn and mill complex parts and perform multiple operations on a single machine – increasing throughput, reducing handling, and improving part accuracy.

This new CNC Turning Center includes live tooling, giving us the ability to turn around parts orders even faster. We can machine many materials, including Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass and Alloys.

Check this video to see the machine in action:

About Us:

A unique advantage for our customers is that Schenke Tool offers in-house tooling and fixturing, keeping your parts in one location. We offer full job shop capabilities including cnc milling & turning, waterjet cutting on our two 3-axis cutting systems, Automated Robotic Welding, short run stampings and mig & tig welding services.

Schenke Tool has been servicing Industry for over 60 years. Our customers have relied on our extensive knowledge, precise machining and high quality control as we have led the way in part manufacturing and tooling. For more information, please visit our website or call 1- 888-522-7086.

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