Satellites Shrink the World

New devices connect the entire planet in realtime

DENVER - Monitoring the safety and security of remote workers and assets has long been a vexing challenge. Cellular networks have too many dead spots, and satellite technology has been too expensive. Today, Cartasite announced two new products that have the potential to change the way we connect and communicate. The new globalTAG and ROVR SL products are designed to cover virtually the entire planet, facilitating realtime visibility of location and operational status. With a price point of tens of dollars a month and unlimited tracking, satellite communications are no longer expensive or exotic.

"These new systems are going to change the way energy, utility, construction, and natural resource industries operate forever. In the past we have been stuck with the limitation of cellular or the exceptionally high cost of satellite communications," noted David Armitage, CEO and founder of Cartasite. "Now we can see everything everywhere."

For years Cartasite has offered a premier fleet monitoring and driver safety system, ROVR, which runs on cellular networks. "While ROVR does 'store-and-forward' when a vehicle goes out of coverage, operations centers didn't always have realtime visibility," explained Armitage. The new ROVR SL adds a low cost, satellite locator that plugs directly into ROVR. There are no antennas or complicated wiring harnesses, and if power is cut ROVR SL will operate for months on batteries.

The new globalTAG utilizes the same underlying technology and is ruggedized for tagging virtually any asset. Cartasite's customers deploy this solution to monitor the security and operating status of equipment on remote locations.

The Industrial Internet of Things promises to transform the way we conduct field operations. Realtime visibility and communications are critical to delivering on this promise. These new, low cost devices from Cartasite may be the breakthrough that industry has been waiting for.

Cartasite was formed in 2004 with the goal of delivering practical technology solutions that enhance safety, security, and operating efficiency for corporations worldwide. With deployments in 34 countries, customers rely on Cartasite's realtime monitoring systems to produce results that enhance operating efficiency, save lives, and protect the environment.

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