SAS Automation Expands Tool Options with Nile and MERRY Offering

XENIA, Ohio – SAS Automation, the leader in superior robotic End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) and automation technology, now offers the full line of Nile and MERRY tools to better serve its wide variety of customers.

"SAS Automation brings decades of expertise to companies looking for automation solutions for their business operations," said SAS Automation President Trent Fisher. "But, our customers look to us for more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team excels at providing the individual solution a customer needs, whether it's an automated, air-powered, or hand tool. Either way, with the Nile and MERRY offerings, our customers have access to whichever options suit their specific need."

Nile brand tools are air-actuated cutting tools that expertly cut plastics, metals and fabrics. The MERRY line of tools offers similar material and cutting expertise, but are hand-operated. With many of SAS customers needing a variety of cutting options, SAS has become a one-stop shop for both hand-cutting and air-actuated tools.

SAS is no stranger to these cutting tools, but this is the first time SAS has offered a full line of products outside of their own engineered EOAT designs.

"We have offered a limited range of Nile products to our customers for years," said Fisher. "However, with this expansion, our customers can order from an online catalog of more than 200 products to meet their business needs."

SAS also launched a Nile and MERRY tools website to provide customers easy ordering and account management that is accessible across all devices. The site includes order history, wish lists, tracking, and a simple and secure checkout process.

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About SAS Automation

SAS Automation provides superior end-of-arm tooling and automation technology to customers and suppliers around the world in a variety of industries, including food, automotive, metal handling, palletizing, and plastics. SAS Automation is one of the world's largest suppliers of modular component-based robotic end-of-arm tooling and gripper systems.

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