Sandsaver Produces Significant Results in First Two Months of Pilot Install

Within the first couple of days sand started to gather at the foot of the modules of the pilot install of the Sandsaver erosion control system in May of 2011. The Sandsaver works by allowing the waves to naturally build beach without the need for additional sand. The energy of the waves is dispersed as they crash against the modules. The modules are designed to allow the sand to pass through the modules without letting it wash back out to sea. The sand begins to accumulate on both sides of the modules until eventually they are covered.

The first few weeks of the installation at Arcadia Beach on Lake Michigan saw continuing sand accumulation. By the end of June the modules were approximately 33% covered. By July the units were approximately 50% covered. The continued progress of this installation will be monitored by a third party for approximately 3 years.

Granger Plastics Company is dedicated to the pursuit of more effective beach erosion solutions and welcomes inquiries from other areas suffering from beach erosion or paying for renourishment methods that are not working. The Sandsaver has great potential to work in many areas where other erosion control methods have failed or only provided very costly temporary solutions. Please visit or for additional information.

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