Samtec Releases Full Line Cable Systems Catalog

Samtec, Inc., a worldwide leader in the manufacture of electronic interconnects, has long been a trusted provider of end-to-end cable system solutions. The company is now proud to announce its first full line Cable Systems Catalog - a comprehensive guide to Samtec's cable systems and services including applications, features and benefits, performance data, product specifications, part numbers, and ordering information.

Whether an application requires quick-turn, off-the-shelf or custom cable solutions, Samtec offers a full line of components and systems to address specific system requirements. Solutions include High Speed Cable Assemblies, High Speed Flex Data Links, RF Cables & Connectors, High Speed Panel & I/O, Sealed Panel & I/O Systems, IDC Cable & Flex Jumpers, Discrete Wire Systems, and High Speed Test Systems.

Samtec is fully vertically integrated, not only offering both sides of the solution - cables and connectors - but complete, in-house capabilities including coax cable and flex circuit fabrication as well as manufacturing and assembly operations in both hemispheres. Samtec is not dependent upon outside suppliers and therefore can promise - and deliver - the flexibility required to service application specific cable system needs optimized for pricing, performance and delivery.

For the ultimate in cable design flexibility, Samtec's Solutionator® program allows customers to design a completely custom cable assembly with no NRE that ships in a week. Flex data links are currently available in the Solutionator®, while High Speed Coax/Twinax, Sealed I/O, and RF versions are coming soon.

For your copy of Samtec's new Full Line Cable Systems Catalog, contact:

Samtec Inc

P.O. Box 1147

520 Park East Blvd.

New Albany, IN 47151-1147

Phone: 1-800-SAMTEC-9 or 812-944-6733

Fax: 812-948-5047



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