Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials’ Boron Nitride Products Launches Major Updates to its Website

Amherst, NY (May 3, 2018) – The world’s leading manufacturer of hexagonal boron nitride, Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials, has launched its newly updated website, The updated website will serve as an information resource for Saint-Gobain’s range of Boron Nitride solutions across a wide variety of demanding customer applications. With a dynamic, clean and intuitive design, the website reflects Saint-Gobain’s commitment to solving customers’ pain points.

One key feature of the new website is Technical Solutions, which provides its site users comprehensive information on the various ways Saint-Gobain is able to harness the inherent properties of Boron Nitride to create new, innovative solutions. Saint-Gobain Boron Nitride product categories include thermal management fillers, industrial powders, cosmetic powders, machined components, mold release coatings and planar diffusion sources. Its range of brands include CarboTherm™, Combat®, IDEALUBE®, PDS® Products and TRÈS BN®.

“Our goal is to help visitors by making available a powerful reservoir of first-level technical information about our products and capabilities,” said Neelam Kumar, Market Manager. “We invite our visitors to contact us, whether it is about a solution that meets their specific requirements or about a co-innovation opportunity,” added Kumar.

To discuss how Saint-Gobain can deliver tailored solutions that meet your precise needs and specifications, please contact Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials - Boron Nitride Products at –​ Toll Free: 1 (877) 691-2001 or visit us at

About Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials, Boron Nitride Products

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials is a division of the Saint-Gobain Group which specializes in the design, production and distribution of functional materials for the construction, industrial and consumer markets. Established in 64 countries with over 195,000 employees, Saint-Gobain is the market leader in each of its core businesses. Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials’ Boron Nitride Products business is a global leader in providing advanced material solutions using the unique properties of hexagonal Boron Nitride. Saint-Gobain’s Boron Nitride products include CarboTherm™ thermal management fillers; Combat® solid components, coatings and industrial powders; IDEALUBE® industrial lubricants; PDS® Products N-Type and P-Type planar diffusion sources; and TRÈS BN cosmetic powders.

Contact: Neelam D. Kumar

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials, Boron Nitride Products

Ph: +1 716 691 2005



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