S2C Global Provides Its Own ATM Equipment for S2C Aquaduct Units

Las Vegas, NV, August 9, 2007 - S2C Global Systems (STWG: OTCBB)(http://www.s2cglobal.com) designer and developer of the "S2C Aquaduct" commercial vending system that delivers pre-packaged, 5-gallon bottled water from the bottling plant to the consumer, announces they have completed the development of their own automatic teller machine/point of sale terminal(ATM/POS) and consumer interface.

S2C had been relying on a third party for its ATM/POS terminals, but the company has now developed its own state of the art unit at less than half the cost of previous units.

S2C President and CEO Rod Bartlett said, "By integrating best-of-breed technology, we control our costs of the S2C Aquaduct and enhance our revenues at the same time. These units have been designed with greater security features meeting or exceeding all current data transfer standards in North America and many of the anticipated upgrades of the near future."

Mr. Bartlett added, "We stepped up our timeline to deploy a more ergonomic and cost effective unit in anticipation of the Dallas assembly plant."

The two additional units scheduled for deployment in Vancouver and Houston will both have the new ATM/POS terminals.

According to Plunkett Research Ltd., there were a total of 395,000 ATM terminals in the United States in 2006, while 260,000 of those are at non-bank locations. The average monthly ATM transactions per terminal in 2006 were 2,131 with a total of 10.1 billion transactions for the year.

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S2C Global Systems, Inc. designs and develops highly efficient automated distribution systems to move products directly from suppliers to consumers. Established in 2004, S2C Global (www.s2cglobal.com) has built the world's first commercial vending system that accepts back return containers. S2C's first system known as the "Aquaduct(TM))delivers prepackaged 5-gallon bottled water from the bottling plant to the consumer. To find out more about S2C Global Systems, Inc. (STWG: OTCBB), visit our website at www.s2cglobal.com.


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