RPC Superfos at Salon Emballage 2012

RPC Superfos is present at Salon Emballage 2012 in Paris to showcase its innovative packaging solutions. The company is one of four specialist clusters from the RPC Group exhibiting together at stand M 108 Hall 6.

A complete range of technologies that the RPC Group uses to make innovative packaging is on display at Salon Emballage in Paris this year. Thermoforming, blow moulding and injection moulding are on display side by side showing all plastic packaging technologies from RPC and represented by four clusters within the group.

One of them is RPC Superfos; a leading European manufacturer of injection moulded plastic packaging. The company's range encompasses strong ready-made solution as well as customised packaging for both the food and non-food industry.

A strong selection for food

Regional Sales Director, Laurent Morel from RPC Superfos Region French is among the specialists at the RPC stand. He looks forward to replying to questions from the packaging community at Salon Emballage and says:

"We experience an increased interest in food packaging that offers long shelf life. Our flagship here is the packaging solution SuperLock®. Its unique oxygen barrier and membrane sealing ensure extremely low oxygen transmission rates. This offers many obvious advantages for the distributor and for the consumers at home. Also, long shelf life contributes to reducing food waste."

The already multi-award winning SuperLock packaging solution has been nominated for a Packaging Oscar in the Consumer Goods Section.

Sustainability at hand

Packaging must provide for logistical advantages all through the value chain both in terms of stacking the goods and transporting them, Laurent Morel states. He explains:

"RPC Superfos has a lot of know-how and innovative responses to the demands of fillers, end users and political decision makers. For instance, a weight reduction of up to 30 per cent compared to conventional packaging material is possible with the ultrathin, but strong SuperLight® pot, particularly suited for dairy products."

For the non-food segment that cares about sustainability the SuperLift® container is particularly interesting because it is available with recycled material injected between layers of virgin PP. This means that it lowers the carbon footprint and minimises the environmental impact of the packaging. According to the CO2 calculations of RPC Superfos, it provides for a 7 per cent reduction. Other solutions comprise packaging made of postconsumer resin and plant based plastic.

Paint with FlakeFree®

Taking the new regulations about VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) into account, paint producers will be interested to learn more about FlakeFree® - a texture that prevents unwanted flakes to fall into the paint and which RPC Superfos has now extended to main products and especially on lids. This concerns containers such as SuperCube® and SuperFlex® for selected sizes.

Virtual and revolving packaging

According to Laurent Morel RPC Superfos is met with an augmented demand for bespoke packaging based on the existing range. Various kinds of pots, pails and containers are developed, customised and turned into exactly what customers want for their particular brand.

For enhanced visualisation of what packaging ideas can look like, RPC Superfos demonstrates a new on-line service at the trade fair. It is called TurnAvisual and makes it easier for producers, brand owners and designers to create, test and adapt new packaging designs. With a few online selections and uploads it becomes possible to see the artwork on the packaging in 3D. A revolving, virtual sample will immediately be ready for assessing and sharing online with other decision makers.

RPC Superfos exhibits together with its sisters companies RPC Blow Moulding, RPC Bebo France and RPC Barrier at Hall 6 Stand M 108 and uses the new visual identity in grey and orange reflecting the successful integration into the RPC Group. The trade fair Salon Emballage is on from 19 to 22 November.

For more information please contact

RPC Superfos, Regional Sales Director Region French

Laurent Morel Tel. +33 385 32 2755


RPC Superfos is part of the RPC Group and one of Europe's largest manufacturers of injection moulded plastic packaging, supplying high-quality packaging for food and non-food products. RPC Superfos is headquartered in Denmark and has 1,300 employees at 8 production facilities across Europe.

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