Rose Mill Company: Complete Boron Source for Global Manufacturers

With the upcoming addition of high-quality elemental boron products, Rose Mill Company will become the only complete source of boron-based products to serve a global market.

“This is exciting” says Rose Mill President Jay Stolfi, noting that “Adding elemental boron products to our refined borates and borate processing services makes us a unique resource for global manufacturers.”

Rose Mill is the only company dedicated to the toll processing of borate-based minerals, and produces millions of pounds of boric acid powder, borax powder and specialty borate blends each year. These processed borate minerals serve many industrial and technical purposes, such as adding high-temperature stability to glass and ceramics, providing the micro-nutrient boron to agricultural fertilizers and making building products safer though increased flame resistance.

Traditional boron-based minerals, and now elemental boron powders, are used in an increasing number of applications as researches discover that boron safely and effectively adds important properties to emerging technologies. Elemental boron powder is a necessary component in the latest electrical storage devices, such as capacitors and lithium batteries used for electric vehicles. It is used in superconductors and Neodymium magnets, and in military armor and advanced metals.

“Now leading-edge manufacturers have access to refined borates, processing services and elemental boron powders from a single ISO 9001 certified source” says Stolfi. “What can be more fun than being part of space-aged technology and emerging products?” he adds.

Rose Mill will supply elemental amorphous boron powders ranging in purity from 86% to greater than 99%, and in particle sizes down to the nanometer range. Magnesium diboride, titanium diboride, aluminum diboride and magnesium coated boron powders will also be available. Boron powders in quantities convenient for research and small-scale manufacturing will be available online at, and bulk-packaged volumes for production-level manufacturing will be available directly from Rose Mill. June 1st, 2021 is the expected launch date of the online store for boron powders.

About Rose Mill Company

Rose Mill Company is a woman-owned, ISO 9001:2015 certified company operating a 20,000 square foot modern manufacturing facility in Connecticut, USA. Rose Mill provides technical and industrial manufacturers with processed borates and toll processing services for dry inorganic mineral-based materials.

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