Root Cause Analysis Made Easier through First Out Alarm Report

With the addition of the First Out Report to the LogMate Alarm Management System, TiPS has given operators
and engineers a forensic tool that can immediately identify the likely "first out" alarm that marked the beginning of
an upset. The First Out Report provides a snapshot style visualization of plant upsets in order of alarm
activations. Using a proprietary grouping and sorting algorithm, the LogMate First Out
Report identifies upsets
and displays associated alarms sorted by chronological activation order.

The LogMate First Out Report is used during incident reviews to provide insight into root causes. Engineers can
also use the report as a design tool for eliminating duplicate, redundant, or cascading alarms. Because LogMate
collects alarm data in real-time, an operating team can use the report to see the alarms that most likely triggered
an upset, or by a supervisor as an advisory tool during upset conditions.

As with all LogMate reports, the First Out Report is accessed through a standard Internet Explorer browser. The First Out Report is available with the LogMate ACE alarm analysis module.

For more information, see the First Out Report data sheet:,
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TiPS is a pioneer in alarm management software, producing the first version of LogMate® in 1990. LogMate has
been refined over 16 years and hundreds of installations around the globe. TiPS prides itself on quality, stable,
feature-rich products that excel against the highest standards of value. TiPS is a thought leader in alarm
management, committed to education and empowerment of our current and future clients.

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