Rolled Alloys is Stocking a Wide Range of Inventory

Rolled Alloys is stocking a wide range of inventory in 6Al-4V STA titanium round bar products. 6Al-4V STA titanium is primarily used in a variety of applications including hydraulic and pneumatic fittings in jet engines. STA is short for "Solution Treated and Aged" and conforms to AMS 4965. The STA process increases the strength, lowers ductility and provides greater stability to the material.

Rolled Alloys extensive global inventory consists of a diversified selection of titanium alloys, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys and stainless steels. From the smallest cut piece to the largest bulk order, Rolled Alloys offers a full bill of materials in plate, sheet, bar, pipe, forgings, fittings, flanges and welding consumables. Global cutting services include: waterjets, lasers, high definition plasmas, saws, shears, coil levelers and billet conversion.

Jill Korczynski

Internet Account Representative


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