Rigibore, Inc. Announces Partnership with Johnson Carbide Producing Most Advanced Boring Tools in the World

Rigibore Inc. (Mukwonago, WI) is proud to announce a partnership with Johnson Carbide (Saginaw, MI) that will result in unprecedented advances in cutting tool technology.
This new partnership combines Johnson Carbide's TruLine composite boring tools with Rigibore's UFP and Smartbore technology.

Johnson Carbide's TruLine composite tooling demonstrates the future of rigid, chatter free and more stable tooling. The TruLine design provides 8 times the dynamic stiffness and 10 times the dampening of "heavy Metal" tools for the same part feature. TruLine composite tools are manufactured with the composite material similar to what is used in Jet Fighter plane wing struts encased in an outer metallic shell. This allows rigidity and strength but is a surprisingly lightweight assembly.

Rigibore, Inc. has made significant advances in Ultra-Fine Precision Cartridge Technology. Rigibore's new UFP design can adjust the cutting edge to 5 microns/.0002" on diameter and can hold this tight tolerance with zero backlash. When utilizing Rigibore's Smartbore technology, a UFP cartridge can adjust to 1 micron/.00004" on diameter with zero backlash utilizing a digital adjuster. Anthony Bassett, President of Rigibore, Inc. was quoted as saying, "this integrated product will eliminate problems caused by long complex boring tools while achieving greater accuracy and dramatically increasing productivity."

Rigibore, Inc. and Johnson Carbide will both sell products that integrate the two technologies in the United States. Rigibore, Inc. will in additional handle integrated sales in the United Kingdom and Johnson Carbide in the rest of the world.

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