Richardson Electronics Helps to Improve RF Designs with a New High-Performance M/A-COM Tech SPDT RF Switch

The ultra-fast settling time, high isolation MASW-008543 SPDT RF Switch improves the performance of 3G/4G infrastructure, instrumentation, and radar systems. It is optimized from 0.5 to 4.0 GHz. This switch is fabricated using M/A-COM Tech's patent-pending low-gate-lag* GaAs pHEMT technology, which dramatically shortens gate lag, and in turn reduces settling time by a factor of roughly 1500 (versus the older technology switches). This is important for radar systems, automated test systems, and high-speed packet-data networks alike.

The MASW-008543 from M/A-COM Technology Solutions features:

o High Isolation; 65dB at 2GHz.

o Superior isolation to insertion loss (IL) ratio - 65 dB vs. 0.70 dB IL (2GHz).

o Ultra-low "90% - 99% settling time" (incl. gate lag) - on the order of 20ns!!

The datasheet and the MASW-008543 switches are available now from Richardson Electronics, 1-800-737-6937 (North America); or find your local sales engineer worldwide at

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