Rhino Linings® Introduces New Family of Industrial-Grade Protective Linings to Meet Specific Industry Needs

· Rhino XT(TM) 90A - For Extreme-Condition Outdoor Applications
· Rhino HD(TM) 55D - For Indoor, High-Humidity Commercial and Industrial Applications
· Rhino Hi-Chem(TM) 65D-PW - Now Certified for Potable Water Applications

SAN DIEGO, CA - June 25, 2007 - Rhino Industrial(TM), a strategic business unit of Rhino Linings USA, Inc., has introduced three new additions to its growing family of industrial-grade protective linings, all exclusively formulated to meet specific conditions or environmentally-sensitive commercial applications.
Additions to the Rhino Industrial product line for 2007 include:

· Rhino XT 90A: As the first formulation in the new family of Rhino XT industrial-grade protective linings, Rhino XT 90A is specifically designed for extreme outdoor conditions and colder substrate applications. Rhino XT 90A contains 100% polyurea chemistry, applied through plural component, high-pressure application equipment. It is a fast-set lining with superior hardness and elongation, high tensile strength, and excellent tear and abrasion resistance (see technical specifications). Rhino XT 90A can be sprayed from a minimum of 30 mils up to unlimited thickness for superior impact, flexing, expansion and contraction, and resistance to vibration. Potential applications for Rhino XT include outdoor environments where water and low temperature conditions exist, such as pond liners, sumps, lift stations, clarifiers, digesters and wet wells. It is also excellent as a secondary containment lining for industrial plants, agricultural, and petrochemical applications.

· Rhino HD(TM) 55D: Rhino's newest hybrid formula provides a cost-effective, environmentally sound solution to commercial and industrial applications where high humidity conditions exist, and where maximum corrosion and abrasion protection is required. Rhino HD 55D is ideal for indoor use, as well as for secondary chemical containment, pipes, pump stations and sludge tanks. It is also excellent for use in food processing and storage areas, as well as high-pressure application of truck bed liners .

· Rhino Hi-Chem(TM) 65D-PW: A potable water-certified version of Rhino's proven Hi-Chem(TM) lining. It provides excellent stability for immersion applications, and where high levels of chemical resistance are required to deliver superior corrosion protection. Hi-Chem 65D-PW is NSF 61 approved, and can be applied with either high or low pressure equipment. Hi-Chem 65D PW is specifically designed for use in potable water tanks and pipes, water softener tanks, reservoirs and water filtration systems. It is also approved and listed under NSF 50 for pool and spa applications.

All three new Rhino Industrial products are backed by full training and technical support, and will be available on demand throughout Rhino's global network of 1,400 independently owned dealers and applicators in 76 countries.

"These three new products underscore our continued commitment to developing long-lasting, environmentally friendly solutions for a wide range of industries that depend on their equipment and infrastructures to deliver maximum performance and longevity under the most extreme conditions," said Bharat Naik, Vice President of Industrial Business and Product Development for Rhino Linings USA.

Since its founding almost 20 years ago, Rhino Linings has been recognized as the global leader in spray-on truck bed liners, achieving industry-leading brand recognition in the retail consumer market. This has enabled the company to earn a strong reputation on the industrial side of the protective linings business during the last 15 years, with Rhino Linings' products proving their durability year after year in the harshest environments or severe-use conditions.

"We know that our success in the industrial sector comes from providing high-quality products and professional applications that deliver lasting, economically-effective solutions for very demanding customers and conditions," said Pierre Gagnon, CEO and President of Rhino Linings USA. "At Rhino we intend to keep building on that success, and have an aggressive plan in place to work with our applicators to continue to increase our presence in these important markets."

Technical Specifications Table:

Properties/Values	       Rhino XT 90A	  Rhino HD 55D	     Rhino Hi-Chem 65D-PW
Hardness (Shore)
ASTM D-2240 90A +/- 5 55D +/- 5 65D +/- 5

Tensile Strength (psi)
ASTM D-412 2600-2800 2200-2400 2000-2200

Elongation (%)
ASTMD-412 400-450 90-100 60-80

Tear Strength
ASTM D-624 300-330 300-330 190-210

NSF 61 Certified(Potable Water)
NSF 50 Certified(Pool and Spa) No No Yes

Corrosion Resistance Good Excellent Excellent

Chemical Resistance Good Good Excellent

Abrasion, Impact Resistance Excellent Excellent Very Good

Temperature -50°F(-45°C) to 200°F(93°C) -40°F (-40°C) to 175°F(80°C) -40°F(-40°C) to 175°F(80°C)

About Rhino Linings®

Rhino Linings, established in 1988 and headquartered in San Diego, California, USA, is the world leader in sprayed-on elastomeric polymer protection, with more than 1400 independent dealerships and applicators in 76 countries. Rhino Linings formulations contain 100% solids, are environmentally-friendly, and contain no VOCs or CFCs. As a full-service provider of protective linings to the retail, industrial and defense markets, Rhino offers comprehensive training and technical support on all materials and application equipment.
For more information on Rhino Linings, call 858-410-0441, or visit www.rhinolinings.com

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