RGF Announces Launch of New Consumer Targeted Guardian Air Web Site and Dealer Locator

RGF Environmental Group is excited to announce the official launch of the new consumer and end user targeted website, now live online at www.rgfairpurification.com. This website features information on the Guardian Air PHI and REME air purification product lines and is targeted towards end users in many Indoor Air Quality applications. The site will be aggressively marketed online to end users to drive pull through business to our dealer base. The information presented is designed to be a general overview of Guardian Air air purification technology and Indoor Air Quality issues.

One of the highlights of this new website is the RGF Dealer Locator, where end users can look up RGF dealer contractors based on their locations. End users can access the dealer locator throughout the site through the banner short cut or through the Contacts page. The Dealer Locator automatically searches for dealers based on the user's IP location, or a zip code or city and state can be entered to find local dealers.

Current distributors of the RGF products looking to be included on the RGF Dealer Locator, should visit the following link www.rgfairpurification.com/become-rgf-dealer.html and complete the online application.

The site also features links to the RGF IAQ Training Video and to other news reports, videos and media featuring RGF products and IAQ issues.

The new site was developed by RGF in partnership with HVAC Business solutions LLC, a leading provider of Internet Marketing services for the HVAC Industry. HVAC Business Solutions, LLC www.hvacbusinesssolutions.com/ provides website design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and email marketing services exclusively to the HVAC Industry. In addition to building the RGF Guardian Air and REME website, HVAC Business Solutions, LLC has developed a pair of web pages specifically for HVAC contractors to help them educate their customers on the benefits of RGF's air purification technologies. RGF dealers may contact HVAC Business Solutions, LLC at 713-270-6400 for assistance with web page integration or to be added to the website's dealer locator.

For any further questions regarding RGF Environmental Groups new website or air purification systems, please contact Mike Lynch at 800-842-7771 x117 or email airsystems@rgf.com

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