Revolutionary Ultrasonic Leak Detector with Camera Released – Distributed in US by Berg Engineering

The latest LEAKSHOOTER V2+ and V3+ models offer companies faster and easier leak detection for their compressed air, steam trap, gas and vacuum equipment. No other leak detectors have cameras, thermal imagers and leak cost calculators embedded in a single, lightweight, handheld instrument that can save companies thousands in their annual operating costs.

ROLLING MEADOWS, ILL. (PRWEB) JUNE 13, 2019 -- Berg Engineering & Sales Company, Inc. provides equipment and service for industrial testing. Berg announces the immediate availability of the LEAKSHOOTER® V2+ and LEAKSHOOTER V3+, next generation ultrasonic leak detection equipment from SynergysV2+ and V3+ that improve the speed and accuracy of detecting steam, compressed air and gas leaks.

Many industries require steam, compressed air or gas as part of the production process. With these come leaks, which can be costly. Compressed air leaks can comprise up to 40% of the energy costs associated with compressed air equipment. Not only do leaks needlessly waste money, but they can also pose safety risks and adversely impact the environment by consuming more energy than they have to.

"The LEAKSHOOTER® is simply the most robust, accurate and reliable ultrasonic leak detection camera currently available on the market. Both the V2+ and V3+ are now equipped with an embedded leak flow and cost evaluator function which is very useful for energy saving programs. With the V3+ model's embedded thermal imaging camera, steam trap monitoring has never been easier,” remarked Guy Monier, Technical & Export Manager at Synergys Technologies.

With both highly sensitive visual and sound cueing, the V2+ and V3+ combine the ability to detect leaks and pinpoint their location. Both units come with many advanced features including: 

  • Locate a pin hole leak up to 20 meters
  • Dynamic, on-screen targeting to help hone in on the leak
  • Amplified sound through headphones or Bluetooth speaker to hear leaks
  • Extra-large 5.7" LCD
  • Real-time on-screen information display including decibel rating of the leak, flow rate, LEAKSCORE and cost per year of the leak
  • Built-in camera for capturing the precise location of the leak
  • Ability to upload photos via USB cable
  • Bluetooth for using both wired or wireless headsets

The V3+ comes with a embedded infrared thermal imager which provides an on-screen color-coded picture of steam traps, which gives an indication of how well they're operating.

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Berg Engineering & Sales Company, Inc., a privately-held company based in Rolling Meadows, IL, provides sales and service to the nondestructive testing, material testing and electrical testing equipment industries. Berg Engineering’s products facilitate inspections to improve cost, productivity and the quality of their customers' products. Brands distributed and serviced by Berg Engineering include Buehler, Magnaflux, Wilson, NewSonic, Synergys, CorDEX, Zetec and many more. The company has been in business for over 50 years.

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