Remote Actuation Systems and Push/Pull Control Cables

CMA has pioneered the design, development and manufacture of a complete line of products for the remote actuation of latches, catches, mechanisms and locking gas springs. Consisting of custom designed actuators, cable controls and operators, the products provide a complete system for a wide range of mechanical applications. These systems offer many benefits when compared to conventional rods, linkages and mechanisms. They are light-weight, cost-effective, easily assembled and offer the benefit of remotely mounting the actuator for user convenience.

CMA's light and medium duty push-pull and pull-pull cable controls offer the user the flexibility of remote actuation in either a push or pull operating mode. Our extensive selection of cable, wire, fittings, conduit and shuttle molded assembly techniques are being used to meet the needs of many unique and demanding remote control actuation uses. Molded conduit fittings offer an easy means of reliable assembly without the use of fasteners or special tools. They are produced in multi-cavity molds for lower cost, increased productivity and offer snap, push-in-place or adjustable assembly options. Designed for the most popular cable sizes and conduit styles, they offer ready-made solutions with little or no tooling cost.

Our extensive experience in component design, thermoplastics, molding and tooling technology has solved many functional assembly problems requiring custom designed conduit fittings. Early involvement in your design program by CMA's Engineering staff will ensure the specification of a functional, reliable and cost-effective product to meet your needs.

These products are being utilized in many major markets for a wide range of actuation applications. They are used extensively in automotive seating, residential, commercial and medical furniture, physical fitness and medical equipment; outdoor power equipment markets, etc. Applications include; hood and trunk release, chair height adjust and adjustable work surfaces.

Our customers' design goals of user convenience, lower cost and higher quality are generating new uses for these products. Take advantage of CMA's experience and technology. Our Sales and Engineering personnel are ready to assist you in the design and specification of a functional and efficient system to meet your needs. Discover innovative alternatives to conventional mechanisms. Let CMA provide a system for your remote control design requirements.

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