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Redwood Plastics Announces Distribution Agreement with Strongwell

Press release date: Nov 15, 2012

Redwood Plastics Corporation and Strongwell Fiberglass Building Solutions are pleased to announce their strategic partnership. Effective immediately, Redwood Plastics will have Strongwell's complete line of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) structural shapes and building systems available. The agreement makes Redwood Plastics a leading distributor of these FRP products. Already experienced with FRP products, especially grating systems, this arrangement opens up a wider-range of products for Redwood Plastics. Specifically, Redwood will now have access to a variety of fiberglass structural shapes, handrail systems, ladders, and cages and a more complete grating offering including pultruded and molded varieties.

Strongwell also offers Redwood the competitive pricing required to compete in the FRP market. When asked what the partnership will mean for Redwood Plastics Don McMillan, Sales Manager, replied "Partnering with the World's largest FRP Pultruder with a broad product range allows Redwood to expand its structural product line into their existing market base while exploring new market opportunities." The opportunity will "develop and grow 'structural' applications into our existing and new markets with custom engineering and fabrication which fits perfectly with the Redwood sales philosophy."

Currently Redwood's entire sales staff is going through the extensive training that Strongwell provides to ensure quick and accurate recommendations for the various industries and applications that use fiberglass products. According to McMillan, Redwood also has the "Complete support from Strongwell's engineering and technical team as well as full FRP fabrication facilities."

Redwood Plastics is confident this partnership will lead to Strongwell becoming one of Redwood's "top four suppliers in the markets they sell to" in the next five years. For information on Redwood's new fiberglass products please visit our website. Redwood Plastics supplies innovative solutions in plastic for a variety of industrial application problems including shock, abrasion, noise, wear & friction. In partnership with their manufacturing divisions, Redwood Plastics molds, machines and fabricates a wide range of high quality custom components for numerous industries. For more information please contact us or visit our website.

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