Reduce Risk When Scaling-up Explosive Compounds

This online seminar discusses highly energetic reactions that were studied using heat flow calorimetry, in situ infrared (IR) and offline High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). The results were evaluated with iC SafetyTM - an efficient interface for providing process safety assessments - required to establish safe operating conditions for chemical processes. The approach and results will be presented.

The numerous challenges associated with scaling-up chemical processes is compounded when the materials you propose to manufacture are explosives. Chemical processing incidents are not acceptable and the community continues to develop best practices for mitigating risk associated with scale-up. The risk associated with scale-up may be reduced or eliminated with proper process safety analysis. Explosives react violently to various stimuli including impact, friction, electrostatic discharge and heat. When scaling-up explosive compounds, or any chemical compound, a full understanding of the chemical process is required to establish safe operating criteria.

The presenter, Jerry Salan, is the CEO and practicing chemical engineer at Nalas Engineering Services, Inc.

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