Sabo Industrial Corp has an innovative one step process for their reactants. Their reactants are formulated to work, usually as a one step process, through a sequence of reactions when wetted or hydrated. The sequencing is controlled by the solubility rates of the various components that make up the different blends that they offer.

The following steps occur in a few moments in a mix tank. Typically this is a one step process. When dealing with more exotic waste streams there may be some more steps involved. Each waste stream has it's own unique characteristics and we always ask for a sample of the waste stream for assessment (usually 1 gallon) before they make a recommendation as to the treatment method.

The pH of the waste water is briefly reduced to a point where the oil emulsion breaks, becomes insoluble and is removed from the waste stream by being attracted to the cationic component of Sabo's reactant.

Suspended solids are also attracted to their reactant during this phase. The pH is then elevated briefly for optimum precipitation of dissolved metals. These metals are immediately attracted to the anionic component of their reactant and removed from the waste stream.

Finally the pH of the waste stream should return to the neutral range. The cationic (positively charged) components and contaminants combine with the anionic (negatively charged) components and contaminants to form a floc. This final reaction allow micro-encapsulation of the contaminants to take place and generally produces a non-leachable solid waste or residue. The non-leachability of the solid waste can be substantiated by performing a TCLP (Toxic Characteristic Leachate Procedure). The treated water or filtrate should be suitable for reuse or discharge. If discharging the water, then appropriate testing should be done to meet the parameters for discharge to the local POTW.

Sabo Industrial Corp. is a manufacturer of wastewater treatment equipment, bag filters and distributes Cleartreat® separating agents. Sabo Industrial is a well established company in Orange County NY and is the proud recipient of the Averall Harriman Award in 2000 for New To International Business as well as the Green Business of the Year award for 2008 from the Chamber of Commerce.

Sabo Industrial has been in the wastewater treatment industry since 1992. Their innovative products can be found throughout the United States and Europe. Their line of separating agents is the only one that offers total encapsulation of soluble metals and contaminants. Sabo's treatment systems have been introduced in industries such as: flexographic printing, plating, industrial battery wash water, railroad transit systems, aircraft maintenance, circuit board manufacturing and wineries just to name a few. This translates into millions of gallons of wastewater that is now within compliance for discharge.

Being environmentally friendly is what they do everyday and strive to demonstrate to their clients that wastewater treatment is not only required by government regulations but is a conscientious response to the ever-increasing environmental issues we face. Sabo Industrial offers a comprehensive solution and has the ability to make it affordable to be environmentally compliant.

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