Rath USA Becomes Member of the Refractories Institute

Newark, Delaware, September 27, 2009 - Delaware based Rath Incorporated is pleased to announce their recent inclusion in the refractory industry's prestigious trade association, The Refractories Institute.

The Refractories Institute, or TRI as it is generally known, was established in 1951 to promote the interests of the refractories industry. Refractories are heat resistant materials that provide the linings for high-temperature furnaces, reactors, and other processing units.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, TRI has a long tradition of providing support and services to manufacturers of refractory materials and products and suppliers of raw materials, equipment, and services to the refractory industry.

In 1995, membership eligibility was extended to refractory producers in Latin America. In 1996, the TRI Board of Directors voted to open membership opportunity to contractors and installers of refractory products, recognizing the important role they play in ensuring the ultimate success of the product.

Institute membership provides an opportunity for companies to address common concerns and challenges, while sharing both the burden and the benefits of promoting the interests of the refractories industry.

Institute membership in the first quarter stands at 48 companies, 24 of which are manufacturers of refractory products.

Rath USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rath AG in Vienna, Austria. Rath USA has two operating companies, Rath Incorporated and Rath Refractories. Rath Incorporated is located in Newark, Delaware and produces fiber-based refractory products. Rath Refractories is located in Milledgeville, Georgia and produces dense and insulating brick products.

The Rath Incorporated brand families include ALTRA® fiber bulk, blanket and modules, ALTRA® KVR and ALTRA® KVS vacuum formed boards, cylinders and special shapes. ALTRA® fiber products have use temperature up to 1650°C, ALTRA® KVR vacuum formed products have use temperature up to 1550°C, and ALTRA® KVS vacuum formed products have use temperatures up to 1800°C. Rath Incorporated offers CNC capabilities and installation services.

Rath Refractories brand families include Korrath corundum-based brick, Silrath andalusite-based brick, Durrath fireclay-based brick, and Porrath bubble alumina insulating brick. Compatible mortars are also produced. In addition to Rath brand names, Rath Refractories also manufactures under contract with Minteq International, the Minteq Zedmark dense brick for the glass industry.

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