Rapid Machining Expands CNC Turning Capabilities with Addition of New Turning Center

CNC Turning of Complex Parts Now Simple Task for Rapid Machining

Nashua, NH, Rapid Machining, specializing in rapid turnaround of quick turn CNC machined and turned prototypes, is excited to announce the addition of a new Haas CNC turning center. Haas CNC turning centers are well known for their high degree of accuracy as well as the ability to use customer cad geometry to increase the efficiency of tool path generation.

"The Haas turning center increases our effectiveness in off-center milling, drilling, and tapping of turned parts" said James Jacobs, President of Rapid Machining. "An additional benefit is decreasing the number of setups in complex parts when using a turning center which ties directly into our mission of producing CNC machined and turned prototypes in days, not weeks"

Rapid Machining is one of the largest dedicated Rapid Prototype Machining companies in the country. Working in a variety of plastics and metals including tool steels and stainless steels, Rapid Machining delivers parts complete to customer prints including drilling, tapping and inserting heli-coils as required. Typical quantities of custom machined prototypes are one to twenty parts.

About Rapid Machining.

Rapid Machining is dedicated to rapid prototype machined parts. Quotes are turned around in hours, not days. Parts are shipped in days, not weeks. Prototypes are machined to 3D CAD data. Common machined parts include shafts, blocks, bodies, heatsinks, pistons, mounts, brackets and covers. Materials machined include aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, Radel, Delrin and Lexan. Finishing services include plating such as anodizing and chromating, painting, powdercoating, and silkscreening to customer specifications. Rapid Machining is a sister company of Rapid Sheet Metal Inc, a quick turn prototype sheet metal fabricator.


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