Quantum3D Independence IDX 3000 ER Selected for Allied Government Hawk Full Mission Simulator (FMS) Upgrade

Quantum3D Independence IDX 3000 ER Image Generator Provides High-Performance, Out-the-Window (OTW) and Simulated FLIR Sensor Solutions for Allied Government Hawk FMS Upgrade

SAN JOSE, CA - July 24th, 2007 - Quantum3D®, Inc., a leading provider of COTS, open-architecture, realtime visual computing solutions, announced today that the company's Independence® IDX 3000 ER Image Generator (IG) solution has been selected for upgrades to allied government Hawk Full Mission Simulator (FMS).

The Quantum3D IDX 3000 ER IG solution is being employed to upgrade and integrate the Hawk FMS for unspecified allied government(s). The FMS upgrade includes visual systems, instructor operating stations and digital radar land-mass simulation systems. The Hawk is deployed in air-to-air and air-to-surface trainer roles within several allied military organizations.

Quantum3D's supplied IG solution consists of the Independence 3000 ER, with eight channels of Out-the-Window (OTW) and one channel of simulated FLIR. The IG solution, which supports day, night and dusk visual scenarios for the Hawk FMS upgrade, provides correlated OTW and FLIR simulation capabilities using geospecific visible and materially encoded textures developed in support of the program. This advanced IDX 3000 ER IG solution is being deployed in a modern 360-degree faceted rear-projection display system with a simulated sensor channel that employs Quantum3D's Enhanced Sensor Simulation Technology (QUEST(TM)) for FLIR simulation. An integral part of the IDX 3000 ER IG solution, QUEST is Quantum3D's physics-based, dynamic, realtime sensor-simulation product that allows users to precisely model advanced infrared (IR), Electro-Optical (EO) and Night Vision Goggle (NVG) devices for both simulated and stimulated realtime sensor-simulation applications with correlated databases and models.

Quantum3D has completed acceptance testing for the IG solution and expects the FMS upgrade to be ready for training in 2008.

Ross Smith, Quantum3D co-founder and president, commented on Quantum3D's role in the project. "Quantum3D's role in working with our allies on programs such as the Hawk FMS upgrade is to deliver the latest COTS IG technologies to the program - which ultimately results in a superior training system. We are glad to be part of the multi-nation team that is collaborating to deliver a high-performing training solution for vital U.S. allies."

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