Quantum3D Expeditiondi Selected by FMV for Swedish Military Mechanized-Infantry Simulator Trials

Quantum3D ExpeditionDI Provides Unique COTS Man-Wearable, Untethered, Immersive Training and Mission-Rehearsal Capability for Mechanized-Infantry Simulator Trials for the Swedish Material Defense Agency

COLOGNE, GERMANY, ITEC 2007- April 24, 2007 - Quantum3D®, Inc., a leading provider of Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS), open-architecture, realtime visual computing solutions, today announced at the ITEC 2007 Conference that FMV, the Swedish Material Defense Agency, selected the Quantum3D ExpeditionDI® to evaluate the performance of dismounted infantry simulators within the larger framework of a Mechanized Infantry Squad. The Mechanized Infantry works with tanks and armoured troop carriers, specifically the CV9040 Fighting Vehicle and the Leopard 2 MBT.

During the trials, FMV will evaluate various concepts for Dismounted Infantry simulators, and each simulator is required to be interoperable with existing immersive ground vehicle simulators and to run standard software. FMV selected gaming-based software for these trials and installed additional software for voice communications between simulator units. Working with the FMV-selected game-based software, ExpeditionDI provides unique, untethered, man-wearable, fully immersive Dismounted Infantry high-fidelity simulation capabilities.

"The FMV simulator trials provide Quantum3D with yet another opportunity to demonstrate the flexibility and interoperability of ExpeditionDI. We are pleased to have been selected for these important trials and are proud to support the important mission of the Swedish Material Defense Agency," said Ross Q. Smith, Quantum3D co-founder and president.

About ExpeditionDI
ExpeditionDI® is a wireless/untethered, immersive, self-contained, man-wearable, open-architecture COTS platform that enables researchers and system integrators to quickly and economically develop and deploy field-ready training and mission-rehearsal capabilities for individual and/or collective dismounted and mounted infantry and first-responder applications. Accordingly, ExpeditionDI is optimized to run standard commercial-, military- and gaming-based software in a completely man-worn system. Individual ExpeditionDI units may be linked through IEEE 802.11 wireless networking protocols to form part of a large simulation with other ExpeditionDI units, desktop-based or vehicle cab-based simulators. In addition, ExpeditionDI systems may also be used in deployed environments. Well suited for ad-hoc field environments, ExpeditionDI is interoperable with embedded vehicle-training systems that support IEEE 802.11 networking.

ExpeditionDI employs the Quantum3D Thermite® Tactical Visual Computer and features Quantum3D's patent-pending wireless controller for the untethered training weapons, which currently include the M-4, M-16, M-249 and select models that are tailored for allied governments. ExpeditionDI also features multiple Intersense® trackers and a Quantum3D specially packaged version of the eMagin® Z800® HMD. The ExpeditionDI system includes a BlackHawk® load-bearing vest, dressed cable assemblies, batteries, chargers and other accessories, including a transit case for rapid deployment.

ExpeditionDI at ITEC 2007
ExpeditionDI, along with additional Quantum3D products and solutions for embedded and institutional visual and sensor simulation and training, will be demonstrated at ITEC 2007 in the Quantum3D stand (No. 542). Please contact salesinfo@quantum3d.com to arrange a demonstration.

About Quantum3D
Quantum3D develops and markets COTS realtime, open-architecture IG solutions, embedded visual computing systems and subsystems, development software and support services for the Visual and Sensor Simulation and Training (VSST) and Embedded Visual Computing (EVC) markets. Quantum3D is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California, with development centers located in Phoenix, AZ, Huntsville, AL, and Orlando, FL. For more information about Quantum3D and the Quantum3D family of open architecture visual computing solutions, please see www.quantum3d.com.

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