Quality Equipment and Spray Adds Bichmeier Backpack Upgrades To Online Product Line

Phoenix, Arizona — The premier choice for pest control companies around the country for backpack sprayers are Birchmeier backpacks and with good reason. Birchmeier backpacks are more durable, effective and simply more comfortable than the other leading brands. Additionally, they offer a level of uncompromising quality other choices simply do not. Now, thanks to Quality Equipment and Spray's website www.qspray.com pest control companies now have two new Birchmeier product upgrades to help them make the most of their backpack sprayers.

Added Comfort = Added Productivity

We all know that Birchmeier backpacks are excellent however they are not always as comfortable as they could be, especially when full. The traditional Birchmeier comfort kit does provide some relief, Quality Equipment and Spray has a new version offers a far superior level of comfort.

"I designed this comfort kit for power users. I added a heavy-duty materials for improved service, padded straps, and a waist belt to help transfer most of the backpack's weight from the shoulders to the hips," said Quality Equipment and Spray President Andrew Greess.

Available from QSpray.com, the kit is labeled part #114-44-908 and minor assembly is required.

The other new product from Quality Equipment and Spray is also a comfort addition. The new Birchmeier Long Straps (Part #114-449-06) provide a level of length you just can't get with the factory included version. These lengthen the traditional 33" to a full 49", providing far more comfort than you can imagine. Sold in sets of two, they're perfect if you have taller or bigger employees, and the additional length here is nothing short of phenomenal.

"We're continually working to add options that mean productivity savings for our customers," said Greess. "These are just a couple of the add-ons we've managed to create based on the real needs of our customers."

You can take a look at the full line of Quality Equipment and Spray's productivity savers on site. As they continue to work with Birchmeier backpack users, the chances are good more new add-ons will be here in the near future.

About Quality Equipment Spray:

Quality Equipment Spray is a leading manufacturer of high quality, custom pest control spray rigs & weed control power sprayers.  For more information, visit us online at https://www.qspray.com or contact Andrew Greess at 602.371.1993 or andrew@qspray.com.


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