QMI HomeSafe Security Screens Protect Homes from Break-ins

In the United States, a home is burglarized every 15 seconds. That statistic is scary, but even worse is that 70% of those break-ins will be forced entry. How do most criminals prefer to gain entry to a home? An unprotected window. QMI HomeSafe security screens can turn a normal window into a barrier. HomeSafe screens are virtually indestructible, even when up against a razor or crowbar. What QMI HomeSafe security screens do is protect your home and your family. In the time it has taken you to read this introduction, another home has been burglarized.

It may seem like burglaries and home invasions are random. Not true. Burglars are trained to find any weakness in home security. Burglars know that the back window will provide them the privacy and time they need to force their way into a home. We've all seen it on TV, a burglar breaks the window and within 30 seconds they are grabbing grandma's antique bracelet. A majority of break-ins take place during the day, when criminals know everybody else is at work. In fact, 62% of break-ins occur between 6am and 6pm. A person should feel confident that their home is safe and protected. A HomeSafe stainless steel security screen can protect your home and your family when you are not there.

HomeSafe metal screens have the appearance of a normal bug screen, but are made of powerful stainless steel. When a criminal decides they are going to try to break into a home with HomeSafe screens, they quickly realize they made a big mistake. HomeSafe security screens undergo extensive testing to make sure they provide optimal protection. They have been hit with hammers, attacked with razors, and shot with large missiles. The screens are also hurricane approved and can absorb the impact of a 2x4 flying at 30 mph.

With HomeSafe security screens, you can be confident that your home is safe. Safer than a locked window, security screens allow you to let the summer breeze flow through your home, while keeping criminals and pests out. A homeowner in Chicago wrote, "My new security screens have helped save me money on electricity, and I can sleep with my windows open knowing my family is safe." - Jessica, QMI customer.

Custom made to fit almost any shape, HomeSafe security screens offer protection and security without affecting visibility. The mesh material is a muted black, which reduces reflection and allows for maximum visual clarity. In addition, Egress screens have a panic bar on the inside of the frame to provide a safe exit in the case of an emergency.

QMI Security Solutions offers residential and commercial protection and security options. QMI specializes in security screens and cases, product security and storage, and hurricane approved rolling shutters. Located in Illinois, QMI provides security solutions to some of the largest companies in North America. For more information, visit www.qmiusa.com.

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