Qlarium Joins SurecompStore Bringing Big Data and AI to New Trade Finance Markets

Toronto, Canada, September 18, 2019 – Surecomp the global trade finance fintech leader, announced today a collaboration with Qlarium as part of their SurecompStore trade finance app store. Services and solutions Qlarium will be available to Surecomp customers immediately. SurecompStore launched earlier this year and has a diverse list of products that are being utilized by Surecomp’s client base, which is made up of leading financial institutions from around the globe.

Qlarium reduces the loss-exposure on trade financing transactions that involve suppliers located in areas of the world where information is scarce or not readily available. Based in Israel and built on military intelligence methodologies, Qlarium’s proprietary risk engine enables trade finance and insurance companies to gain deeper access to risk factors on the supplier-side of international trade transactions.

“The industry’s capabilities to evaluate supplier risk in certain geographies have, until now, been severely limited. By harnessing big data collection and artificial intelligence insights, we’re now providing the industry with the unfair advantage it's been missing”, says Yaron Shapira, Founder & CEO of Qlarium.

SurecompStore collaborations deepen the company’s offering as the hand-selected partners are using state-of-the-art technologies to automate and digitalize existing trade finance market procedures. SurecompStore is the trade finance industry’s first platform for banks and corporates to rapidly adopt innovative products and services.

“Qlarium’s technology creates a unique opportunity to engage with areas that were previously thought to be un-reachable. We are excited to see our customers leveraging their offering”, said Tsafrir Attar, Surecomp’s Vice President of Digitalization.

About Surecomp

Surecomp is a Global FinTech leader in the space of trade finance. Surecomp’s solutions are used globally by hundreds of leading banks and multi-national corporates. Surecomp maintains a proven 30-year track record of delivering cutting-edge software solutions in over 80 countries and across six continents. Surecomp has a global network of regional development and support centers in Argentina, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Israel, Singapore, the UK and the US. Learn more at www.surecomp.com.

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