Pyramid Technologies Debuts New Website Devoted Exclusively to Wireless Synchronized Clock Systems

MERIDEN, Conn., March 5, 2008 -- Pyramid Technologies (, an established leader in the design and development of time recording products, has just unveiled its new website featuring TimeTrax Sync, a simple wireless clock solution that instantly synchronizes time to the exact second.

"Time management is a primary concern in today's world where every second counts," stated Manny DaSilva, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Pyramid. "Wireless Synchronized Clock Systems eliminate time-related obstacles, alleviate confusion, and reduce maintenance costs. We have created this new website to provide the most effortless experience for our customers who are looking specifically for wireless clock systems. Our extensively trained wireless experts fully understand today's technology and will assist customers in developing the most complete RF environment for their clock system."

Pyramid's TimeTrax Sync was engineered as a complete solution that captures the exact time from GPS satellite signals or via the Internet in Network Time Protocol format and transmits it throughout an entire facility.

TimeTrax Sync Provides These Advantages:

o Significant financial savings vs. a wired system
o Excellent local RF penetration qualities
o No FCC license required
o Simple plug-and-play installation (no technician required)
o Flexible enough to handle a limitless number of clocks
o Direct Simplex replacement system
o 8-10 year battery life
o Pyramid's Exclusive 5-Year Warranty

Pyramid's new TimeTrax Sync system features a Wireless RF Transmitter that utilizes 128-channel 902-928MHz frequency-hopping technology that is capable of transmitting wireless RF synchronization signals every 10 seconds to Pyramid's Wireless Clocks.

Receiving the signal from the Transmitter, Pyramid's Wireless Analog and Digital Clocks display the precise time throughout facilities in various industries, including:
Healthcare, Schools (K-12), Universities, Government, Industrial, and Corporate.

Pyramid's Wireless Analog Clocks are constructed with durable ABS frames and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses for anti-glare viewing. They are available in a variety of faces (Roman or Arabic), different bezel colors, sizes, as well as a wood series featuring dark cherry, clear oak, or walnut finishes. Battery-operated or Electric versions are available.

Pyramid's Wireless Digital Clocks are offered in a variety of sizes, ranging from 2.5" to 4" and 4 to 6 digits with second indicators. Their bright LED digits are available in red, blue, or green, and are viewable up to 160 feet.
Optional tamper-proof security mounts with key, and dual-sided clock mounts with wall or ceiling mounting brackets are available for analog and digital clocks.

Pyramid's clocks provide years of maintenance-free service and adjust for Daylight Savings Time and reset if power outages occur. They are backed by Pyramid's Exclusive 5-Year Warranty.

About Pyramid Technologies

For nearly 40 years, Pyramid Technologies has provided cost-conscious time keeping solutions for businesses of all sizes and from a variety of industries.

Headquartered in Meriden, Connecticut, Pyramid manufactures products that range from simple, inexpensive mechanical time recorders to sophisticated time and attendance solutions and GPS synchronized wireless clock systems. Pyramid carries a number of accessories to support its payroll time recorders,
including: card racks, badge racks, and time cards. In addition, Pyramid's clock line ranges from simple and inexpensive commercial wall clocks to networked digital system clocks, some of which have been private labeled to Simplex for over 10 years. Choose from a variety of ceiling or wall brackets, security mounts, batteries, and surge protectors to accompany your clock system.

To learn more about Pyramid's wireless clock solutions, visit

Media Contact:

Kevin Dokla, Director of Marketing
Phone: (888) 479-7264 ext. 262

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