PSI Unveils High Definition Satellite Program in Thailand Using ALi Set-Top-Box Chipset Solution

PSI Holdings, a market leader providing satellite system and service in Thailand, has selected a High Definition set-top-box (STB) solution from ALi Corporation, a leading STB system-on-chip (SOC) solution provider, to unveil the new HD satellite program for the fast booming satellite market which now captures 65% of the households in Thailand.

PSI is very dedicated to bringing affordable satellite television to Thai viewers, maintaining its position as the largest C-band satellite TV platform provider with more than 12 million subscribers across the country. ALi has been a long-time partner with PSI in supplying cost-effective STB chipset solutions to assist in the penetration of satellite TV in Thailand.

This new partnership on high definition satellite STB solution features competitive security solutions from renowned conditional access system vendor, Alliance Broadcast Vision (ABV), and is manufactured by professional, experienced supplier of set-top boxes, Quanzhou TDX Electronics Co., Ltd. All the collaborations by ALi and partners are aimed at providing HD satellite set-top boxes at affordable price points with enhanced performance to the viewing public in Thailand, as a way to facilitate the transition from standard definition to high definition.

Branded as PSI O2 digital, the new HD STB with enhanced capacity, provides over 200 SD channels, as well as 8 exclusive HD channels including PSI channel, Workpoint TV, the Shop at Home Channel, Channel 8, Channel 6, the Sun Channel, the World Cup 1 channel and the World Cup 2 Channel(from RS, Thailand’s entertainment company).

Tony Chang, General Manager of ALi's International Business Unit, states, "Thailand has seen explosive growth in satellite TV in recent years with service revenue estimated to top USD 300 million in 2017 according to Dataxis. ALi is glad to provide this secure and competitive solution to our long-time partner PSI, who holds a significant market share of satellite TV in Thailand." "ALi has been focusing on providing innovative technologies and added values to our customers and partners. We will continue to develop new technologies, including advanced security solutions, OTT services, highly integrated and cost-effective STB chipset solutions," added Tony Chang.

Worasit Lee, Managing Director of PSI, comments, "PSI plans to migrate from SD to HD boxes for all our customers over the next 3 years. ALi has been a long time partner with PSI for our STB product line. We are glad that we can continue our close partnership to provide the HD satellite STB to the people in Thailand. We expect the collaboration to bring huge success in Thailand market."

About ALi Corporation

ALi Corporation is a leading innovator and developer in the set-top box (STB) system-on-chip (SoC) market. By fully leveraging its core expertise in the set-top box industry, ALi solutions are recognized for their high levels of integration, superior performance reliability, premier customer oriented service and compelling cost structure.  More than 120 Pay TV operators have deployed its solutions globally. ALi Corporation was founded in 1987 with headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, R&D centers as well as sales offices in Hsinchu, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Seoul, and Geneva. For more information, please visit

About PSI Holdings

PSI is the largest Free Satellite Operator in Thailand, founded in 1989. With 11,000 installers and 36 service centres nationwide, PSI is able to offer the complete service for end-users across the country. For the past 5 years, PSI has been bringing the new satellite TV viewing concept to Thai people by offering total solution service with Thai Broadcasters, including the Realtime Ratings System and free OTA service, which not only change Broadcasters business model, but impact the whole Thai TV industry. For more information, please visit

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