PSI Engineering and Cornerstone Automation Systems Inc. Automate the Telecommunications Industry's Kitting Process

Mississauga, ON, Tuesday July 3, 2007 PSI Engineering teamed up again, with Cornerstone Automation Systems, Inc., a leading-edge Texas, USA manufacturer and integrator, by supplying a premier telecommunications organization with an industry first automation solution to increase the efficiency and decrease the operating costs of their distribution center.

With the number of DSL orders increasing in demand, this telecommunications company looked into ways to increase the efficiency at the facility where their DSL kits were packaged. They had numerous items to include in these kits and assemble in batches of approximately 10,000 orders at one time. They needed a way to accomplish this effectively and economically. Initially, due to budgetary requirements, the plan was to place these inserts in the kits manually by an operator at each of the five different pack stations on the conveyor line. This approach was very expensive, labor-intensive and compromised the customer fulfillment cycle.

As a result, Cornerstone approached PSI Engineering to help them provide their customer with a solution to resolve their ROI requirements and delivery demands. By integrating the PSI LC In-Feeder 3000 at five separate stations, Cornerstone was able to bring their customer a total solution that met all the goals for their distribution centers kitting operation.

PSIs LC In-Feeder 3000 has the capability to feed a wide variety of inserts that are placed in the kit packages without the need for special machine modifications to accommodate different items. With its Load on the fly technology, the LC In-Feeder 3000 can complete the dispensing of inserts with speed and accuracy that is impossible to achieve with manual labor. In addition, by automating the kitting process, not only does it increase the companys ROI and improve customer delivery, it also prevents the risk of repetitive workplace injury which can cost companies thousands of dollars per year.

For the total solution, Cornerstone supplied an automatic label applicator to apply labels to the external flap on the empty carton on the conveyor line. They also provided the technology to move the cartons through the array of friction feeders and pause at each appropriate dispenser. The system finished up with an integrated in-motion scale, a verifications station and a reject diverter to ensure the kit packages contained the correct items and customer ship label.

By implementing PSIs LC In-Feeder 3000 in their total solution, Cornerstone delivered a proven solution that enabled this foremost telecommunications organization to increase efficiency, decrease operating costs and achieve the return on investment they forecasted.

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