Providing Solutions to Your Applications, by Offering a Diverse Selection

NTN’s mounted bearing units are designed to improve performance and provide application-based solutions such as the dusty fields of agriculture or the wash-downs of food and beverage. Regardless of your industry type, NTN offers a diverse series of mounted-bearing unit solutions to fit your application.

  • NTN’s Sentinel Series is a premium line of wash-down capable, corrosion-resistant products developed for the harsh conditions of the food & beverage industry. Sentinel Series bearing units are available in solid-base stainless steel and solid-base reinforced thermoplastic housings free of voids and cap capable. Zinc and stainless steel insert configurations are available, as are deep groove ball bearings, and other accessories. All Sentinel Series products also come pre-lubricated with maintenance-free H1 solid lubricant or premium H1 food-grade grease. Overall, Sentinel Series improves equipment effectivenessincreases production, and provides value.
  • NTN’s Ultra-Class™ is the original solid base offering in our mounted bearing unit portfolio. As our flagship bearing unit line, it symbolizes our commitment to performance and reliability. Ideal for applications where elements such as dry particle contamination and moisture are of concern thanks to features such as precision honed inner and outer races w/durable black oxide finish, solid base castings with metal part number identification tag, and available eccentric collar or ball point set screw locking inserts, Ultra-Class is a proven cost savings solution in the challenging environments.
  • Green Line Series mounted bearing units are our baseline bearing unit series that offers high-quality units for all of our customers. With cost​​ saving features such as NTN’s exclusive ball point set screw, eccentric locking collar, adapter sleeve, and end covers, NTN Green Line offers over 90 configurations of inserts and housings for application diversity and market interchangeability.

If you are still unsure which is the best choice for you, or have additional questions, please reach out to your local NTN territory manager.

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